What is a round robin?

A round robin is a convenient way to create multiple parlays at one time. You can select between three and eight lines and then combine them in parlays of two to seven teams. The advantage is that you generally need to hit only one winning combination to make your money back for the entire round robin. For example:

Suppose you are confident in the following three lines:

New England Patriots -8
Buffalo Bills +4
Minnesota Vikings -10

Rather than creating a three-team parlay, you can place a round robin and create all possible two-team parlays from the three lines.


First parlay:

New England Patriots -8
Buffalo Bills +4
Risk $5 to win $13 (2.6/1 odds)


Second parlay:

New England Patriots -8
Minnesota Vikings -10
Risk $5 to win $13 (2.6/1 odds)


Third parlay:

Buffalo Bills +4
Minnesota Vikings -10
Risk $5 to win $13 (2.6/1 odds)

Your total risk amount for the three-team, two-way round robin is $15 to win a maximum of $39.


If you select more than three lines, you can increase the size and/or number of parlays that are created, as illustrated in the table below:

Number of lines:
Number of ways
(parlay size):
Number of parlays:
3 2 3
4 2 6
4 3 4
5 2 10
5 3 10
5 4 5
6 2 15
6 3 20
6 4 15
6 5 6
7 2 21
7 3 35
7 4 35
7 5 21
7 6 7
8 2 28
8 3 56
8 4 70
8 5 56
8 6 28
8 7 8


How to Place a Round Robin

1. After logging in, click Sports to open the Bodog Sportsbook.



2. Select the desired sport from the left navigation panel. By default, the page will only show open events or those that have lines available for betting (either game lines or live betting).



3. Select your desired lines by clicking the appropriate boxes. Your selections will be added to the Bet Slip on the right of the page.



Select 'Round Robin' in the Bet Slip. Then, select the number of “ways” (the number of selections per bet) you want in your round robin, adding any “point buys” you might require (if available).



Enter a risk amount in the box provided- remember that this amount is per individual bet in your round robin. Once you enter a risk amount, your total risk and possible total win amounts are automatically calculated for you.



Click 'Review Bets'.



Confirm the details of your round robin. If you want to proceed, click 'Place Bets'. If not, click 'Edit' to change the wager details.



Once your round robin is placed, you will reach a confirmation window with your final bet details, including your wager reference number.



Click 'Continue Betting' to return to the lines page.




Round Robin Rules

In addition to the standard parlay rules, when you place a round robin bet:

  1. You must select a minimum of three lines and a maximum of eight to place a round robin bet.
  2. Depending on the number of lines you select, you can create two to seven team parlays.



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