Racebook FAQ

What is the posting schedule for futures and fixed odds betting?

We offer the latest futures and fixed odds markets every week on all graded stakes and major races. Futures odds for big races (such as the Kentucky Derby) are posted every Tuesday at 2 PM ET while fixed odds betting markets for graded stakes races are posted two days prior to the race by 3:30 PM ET every week. Both the futures and fixed odds betting markets come down on Saturday mornings, or when the track pools open.  After this, all races are available for betting in our Racebook.


How do I change the stake amount?

Once you have selected one or more checkboxes in the race entries table, click the ‘Add to Betslip' button. Your bet(s) will be added to the Bet Slip where you can then modify the stake amount in the stake field. 


How can I view my pending bets?

To see a list of all your open bets, click the Dashboard icon and then the Open Bets link under the 'Activity' tab. To print the list, click on ‘Print Open Bets’. If a bet you have placed is not displayed, click ‘Update Open Bets’. Alternatively, you can use the 'My Bets' tab on the Bet Slip.


Where can I see that my bet has been accepted?

After clicking on ‘Place Bets’, you will be notified that your bet has been placed successfully. You can also confirm the details of your bet by clicking the Transactions link accessible through your Dashboard


Where can I find the changes/scratch information regarding a race I’ve bet on?

Changes and scratches are posted in the race entries table of a given race, which is updated every minute. 


Where can I find the results of a race I’ve bet on?

Once the race is deemed official, click the ' RESULTS' button beside the race you bet on. The horses that ran, the number of horses for which a refund will be granted, and the payout for each type of wager that was offered on the race will be displayed. If you want to verify the results, visit www.equibase.com and click ‘RESULTS’ in the top navigation bar on the home page and then click ‘Quick/Summary Results’ to find a list of tracks and races for the day.


What race types do you offer?

We offer wagering on thoroughbred, quarter horse and harness races.


When do races become available to bet on?

Races are available to bet on as early as 9 AM ET on the day of the race. In special cases, races are available for betting one day in advance.


How close to the start of the race can I place a bet?

You can place bets right up to the official post time, which is when the horses enter the starting gate.


Can I cancel or change my bet?

You cannot cancel or modify a bet once it has been received and accepted by Bodog Racebook. This policy is strictly enforced.


How soon are bets graded and when is my account updated?

Bets are graded as soon as we receive confirmed results and payout information, which is normally 10 to 25 minutes after a race. In the event that more time is required, Bodog is not held liable for any alleged losses due to delays in our grading process.


Why was my bet voided?

You can place bets right up until the official post time of a race. Occasionally (on account of internet connectivity issues), a bet may be accepted after the official post time. However, as per our general rules, any bets placed after the official post time will be considered void and your money will be refunded. You can verify the time you placed your bet in your eCash statement. You can also verify the official post time at www.equibase.com.


Do you offer consolation payouts?

If you place a daily double, pick 3 or pick 4 and one of your selections gets scratched in one leg of your ticket but all other legs win, you will receive a consolation payout provided that the track offers one. Additionally, if the track payout on a race pays to all (when nobody who bet in the track's betting pool has a winning ticket), you will receive one consolation payout per winning combination.