Motor Sports Betting Rules

1. Unless the entire race is canceled, all bets have action (even if a competitor withdraws for some reason).

2. The official winner (Formula 1, INDY or NASCAR) at the conclusion of the race will be used for wagering purposes.

3. For head-to-head bets, both drivers must start the race for the bets to have action.

4. The 'Field' option in a given list of odds featuring drivers' names represents all other drivers not specifically listed who are competing in the race. If a driver in the field wins, the 'Field' is declared the winner for wagering purposes.

5. Bets can be placed on the driver only (not a specific car), with the exception of NASCAR. For all NASCAR bets, the wager will be settled according to the car which crosses the finish line provided that the listed driver started the race.

6. Formula 1, INDY and NASCAR events must run within seven days of the originally scheduled start time for wagers to have action.

7. Individual F1 Grand Prix betting is settled on the result of the podium presentation, regardless of any subsequent disqualifications.

8. The Dead Heat rule: When you have a multi-outcome prop or event where two winners tie. If a "dead-heat" is declared on any event, half the stake is applied to the selection at the full odds and the other half is lost. If more than two "dead-heat," the stake is proportioned accordingly (not including sports where you can wager on the draw or tie option (i.e., soccer).

9. Race/Qualifying Match Bets: Best finishing position. If one of the drivers does not finish the race, the other driver is considered the winner. If neither driver finishes the race, then the driver who completed the most laps is the winner. If both drivers complete the same number of laps but do not finish the race, all bets are graded "No Action".

10. Pole position: Settlement will be based on the driver who sets the best time during the final qualifying session. Any subsequent adjustments to grid positions will not count.

11. 1st Driver/Team to retire:  If two or more drivers retire during the same lap, dead heat rules will apply.

12. Practice Outrights: Fastest time in the specified practice session.