Make a Deposit by Credit Card

You can deposit money into your Bodog account using any Visa-branded credit card, MasterCard-branded credit card, gift card or check/debit card. When purchasing a gift card to fund your Bodog account, please ensure the card is eligible for international purchases, as US/domestic-only cards will not work.

It is normal for credit and debit cards to have restrictions placed on them for making online purchases or for use on gaming sites. Should this be the case, we would suggest visiting our Deposit page to view alternate deposit options.

Upon completion of your credit card deposit, you will see the descriptor on your credit card statement. Please take note of this for your records.

It can take up to 10 business days for the transaction you're about to make to show up as a completed transaction on your credit card statement. It should first show as a pending pre-authorization, and once we complete the transaction, the pre-authorization will be replaced by an actual charge to your card. If the transaction failed initially, the pre-authorized funds will again become accessible in your card's available balance.

If you ever need assistance with reconciling your credit card statement, do not recognise a transaction that is appearing or feel that you may have been over or under charged, please call us at 1-877-263-6422. It is our primary goal to ensure our clients’ accounts are reflected accurately, and we'll be more than happy to help you.

You may try using gift or pre-paid cards to deposit funds to your account; however, they can also be subject to restriction just like a regular credit card. When using a gift card or pre-paid card, please be sure that it can be used for international purchases and can also be used for online purchases.

The deposits you make within a few days of one another may all be deducted from your credit card balance on the same day—this is dependent on when the transactions were completed by us and your bank's processing times.