Is Bodog secure?

You can bet on it. We’ve built our reputation on preserving the trust of our players by making security our top priority. Like most websites where users provide private, sensitive information, Bodog is safeguarded by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), as represented by the padlock icon located in the address tab of your web browser. This is also signified by the letter ‘s’ at the end of the ‘http’ prefix. SSL protection encrypts all the information you send from your browser to our web server. The information you provide can only be accessed by relevant Bodog staff.

Rest assured knowing your identity and your funds are safe with us. However, we encourage you to exercise the following standard precautions to further protect yourself:

  • Under no circumstance should you open dubious emails or follow links provided by unverified senders. If you can’t be sure it came from us, contact a Bodog Customer Service Representative by clicking the speech bubble or envelope icon located at the top of the page to put your mind at ease.
  • Clear your Browsing History regularly to prevent others from accessing your online activity.
  • Always Adjust Your Security Levels for the most favorable browsing conditions.
  • Always Disable Auto-Completion for websites holding bank account or other private information.


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