Finding Your Way Around Bodog Live

How do I place a bet on a live game? 

Making bets with Live Betting allows you to stay in the game- you can bet on every play and you'll be shown whether you've won or lost as soon as the play has completed.


To Make a Bet in Bodog Live

1. When play-by-play betting is available for a game, a LIVE button is displayed beside the game. Click the button to open Bodog Live in a separate browser window. 

2. To select your bet amount: Click one of the bet amount buttons, click the up or down arrow until you reach the amount you want to bet, or type an amount in the box.
Note: Your bet amount can't exceed your current available Bodog account balance, which is your total balance less any pending bets.

3. In the Props list, click the button for the bet you want to make. The bet details are displayed in your ‘Bet History’ and the outcome is marked as "Pending" until the play has completed.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 if you want to place another bet on the same play. Once the play has completed, another set of propositions is generated. 

5. When the game ends, or when you've finished betting with Bodog Live close the browser window. Any pending bets that remain in your Bet History are still considered active and will be settled accordingly.


How can I review my bets in Live Betting?

All confirmed bets will appear in ‘Recent Bets’. From here, you can check to see whether bets have been settled. 


Where can I check a summary of my session of Live Betting?

Line them up and wait for the outcome of the next play. Bet History shows the number of pending and settled bets you've placed during this session of Bodog Live. Click the arrow to expand the panel when you want to view the details of your bets: 

  • Prop: The betting proposition you've selected.
  • Bet: The specific outcome you've selected.
  • Stake: The amount you've bet.
  • Odds: The probability of your bet, which determines your payout.
  • Outcome: The current status of your bet, which will be one of the following:
    a) Pending if the play has not yet completed.
    b) The actual outcome of the play (e.g., "Pass Incomplete") if the play has completed.
    c) Rejected if you bet more than the maximum you can bet on one proposition or if you placed the bet after the play started.
    d) Insufficient if you don't have enough money in your Bodog account to cover the bet.
  • Payout: When you've won the bet, your total payout (which is your winnings plus the amount you've bet) is shown in green. 

Note: You can select the ‘Show Only Pending’ check box if you want only those bets that haven't yet been settled to display in your Bet History. Additionally, you can click ‘View All’ if you want to view the details of all of your bets on a separate screen.


How does single-Click Mode work?

The default mode for Live Betting is single click mode, which allows you to first pre-set your wager (risk) amount and then place bets with a single click. If the odds displayed are out of date, your bet will not be placed in single click mode - as odds are constantly changing to reflect the fast moving game. This allows you to review the new odds and decide if you are going to place a bet.


How can I manage notifications in Live Betting?

'Messages' indicates how many messages are waiting for you. Click the arrow to expand the panel when you want to read your messages. 

  • Select the ‘Information’ check box if you want to receive instructional messages.
  • Select the ‘Bet Updates’ check box if you want to receive messages relating to your bet placement (e.g., bet requested; bet accepted; bet settled).
  • Select the ‘Line Updates’ check box if you want to receive messages whenever new lines are available to bet on.
  •  Click ‘View All’ if you want to view all of your messages on a separate screen.


Can I change the display options in Live Betting?

You can personalize Bodog Live to display according to your preferences.


How do I control the sound options in Live Betting?

When the ‘Sound’ check box is selected, a whistle will sound once the lines have been generated for the next play.