What do the colour Indicators next to betting lines mean?

At times, you may see one or more coloured triangles on the left hand corner of a line or lines. These triangles indicate that the line has a specific “quality,” which may affect the line’s limits and restrict it from use in parlays or teasers. For Bodog, the line qualities typically used are:


1.  Orange Triangle: This indicates a restricted line. Betting limits are reduced.

2.  Green Triangle: This indicates an enhanced line. Betting limits are increased.


All other line qualities are shown through icons found either next to a market name or, in the case of "no same game parlays", at the bottom right of the card or list view.


  • no same game parlaysNo same-game parlays
  • no teasers allowedNo teasers allowed
  • singles onlySingles only
  • line currently off boardLine is currently off the board