How does the Bet Slip work?

Our Bet Slip interface is integrated into the lines page, making betting easier than ever.

Here’s a quick overview:

Bet Slip

1. The Bet Slip will appear as soon as you select a line you would like to wager on. 

2. Enter either a risk or win amount in the boxes provided. Your total win and risk amount are automatically calculated for you and shown in the summary at the bottom of the slip. You can add multiple wagers on the same Bet Slip. If you wish to delete a single selection from your Bet Slip, click on the "X" icon.

3. The Bet Slip shows you a preview of other possible bet types. You can check the box to activate that type of bet without having to change tabs above.

4. The Bet Slip also shows the total stakes for your current bets and the potential maximum win amount on those bets.

5. The Bet Slip indicates the number of wagers you’ve selected.

6. To view all of your pending wagers, click on the calendar icon in the top right hand corner of the Bet Slip.

Note: When logged into your account, your 'Playable Balance' (cash balance and any Sports bonuses) will be shown just below the Bet Slip.