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UEFA Euro 2020 Odds Update

Now that we’re down to the final four for Euro 2020, teams are heading to Wembley Stadium in London. That’s great news for England, the pre-tournament co-favourite (along with France), as they’re still in the hunt for their first international title since 1966 and first ever Euro Cup win. Harry Kane excelled in the last two matches, scoring two goals in England’s quarter-final win against Ukraine and one goal in their Round of 16 victory over Germany.

Behind England on the odds board are Italy (+225) and Spain (+275)—both of which were in the top-five pre-tournament. This tournament’s long shots, Denmark have overcome a remarkable obstacle and are hungry to make it to the finals. But before that, all four teams will meet for the semi-finals, with Spain and Italy meeting Tuesday, and England and Denmark meeting Wednesday. Be sure to check in afterwards for the latest in Bodog Euro betting as we get set for what should be an incredible final on July 11 at Wembley Stadium.

Euro 2020 Odds Breakdown

England +150 Euro 2020 Odds

England will benefit from home advantage from here on out. On Wednesday, they’ll face the semi-final long shots, Denmark, as -140 favourites at Wembley Stadium. England were expected to make it deep in this tournament based on their high-powered offense, but what has been unexpected is their stifling defense, which has yet to concede a single goal in this tournament. England leads the way with five clean sheets thanks to goalkeeper Jordan Pickford. At the other end, England is fifth in scoring with eight goals, three of which have come from Kane and another three from Raheem Sterling, who has been a star player up to this point. 

England will need to keep the pressure on in the next round; they faced Denmark twice last year and lost in October after settling for a scoreless draw in September.

Italy +225 Euro 2020 Odds

After beating Austria in the Round of 16 and Belgium in the quarter-finals, Italy enters the semi-final round as +145 favourites against Spain. They’ll be without a star player in left-back Leonardo Spinazzola, who suffered a torn Achilles in Italy’s quarter-final match against Belgium. Nicola Barella and Lorenzo Insigne put Italy up two goals in the first half of that game, with Belgium responding with one goal. After that, it was scoreless thanks to Italy’s spectacular defensive display in the second half. 

Italy will be up against the top goal scorers in the tournament when they face Spain (12 goals) on Tuesday. The last time they faced Spain was at the World Cup Qualifiers in 2017—a game that Spain won 3-0.

Spain +275 Euro 2020 Odds

Spain was able to eke out a win against Switzerland in the quarter-finals to advance to the semi-finals, but it required penalty kicks. An early goal by Spanish midfielder Denis Zakaria resulted in the squad trying to protect their lead for much of the game; however, a late goal by Switzerland’s Xherdan Shaqiri forced a shootout. Spanish goaltender Unai Simon allowed just one goal while his teammates scored three, securing their tickets to Wembley for the semi-finals where they’ll face Italy as +210 underdogs. They’re experiencing a resurgence after taking a step back from their 2008 - 2013 dominance on the international stage.

Denmark +900 Euro 2020 Odds

Denmark’s odds plummeted after they lost their top player Christian Eriksen to a cardiac arrest in their opening game against Finland; he was carted off on a stretcher and brought to a hospital. They lost the game 1-0 and looked out of sorts in their following match against Belgium, but they rallied for two wins and progressed to the semi-finals, leaving Czech Republic and Wales in the dust. Facing England at the semi-finals at Wembley Stadium is a tall order for the Danes, but they’ve defied the odds before. Who can forget their 1992 fairytale run that saw them lift the trophy with their 2-0 victory over Germany? The Bodog soccer odds have them pegged as big +425 underdogs in their semi-final match against England; the draw is available at +260. Keep checking in for fresh Euro 2020 odds as we find out who the final two teams will be.


*Odds as of July 7th 2021

Bodog Euro 2020

How to Bet on Euro 2020 Soccer

Winning the Euro 2020 tournament won’t be a walk in the park, but placing a bet on Euro 2020 is easy – especially when you bet at Bodog Sportsbook. Here’s a quick look at the different options you’ll find on the soccer menu.


Just like they do in the NFL version of football, you can bet on either team to cover the spread in the Beautiful Game. In order to cover it, the dominant team (the favourite) has to win by a minimum number of goals, as dictated by the spread. The underdog bets pay out as long as they stay within their spread. Let’s start with this example from a recently completed Euro 2020 qualifier:

Norway –0.5 (–130)

Romania +0.5 (+105)

This Group F qualifying match was held June 7 at Ullevaal Stadion in Oslo; this is soccer, so the home team is listed on the top, as per tradition. Norway were favoured by 0.5 goals, meaning they had to outscore Romania in order to cover – note that soccer bets are typically based on the score at the end of 90 minutes plus stoppage time. Romania only needed a draw to cover, and that’s what happened when they scored in the 92nd minute, making the final 2-2.

The payouts for each side are indicated by the numbers in parentheses, which show the vigorish attached to each bet using the American odds format. At +105, Romania paid out $105 for every $100 wagered – or $1.05 for every dollar. Norway would have paid out $100 for every $130 wagered had they held onto the lead. When the spread is a whole number like one or two goals, and the winning margin is exactly that number, the result is a push.


Also known as 1X2 betting, the moneyline is the old-school way of betting on soccer – and still the industry standard across the pond. You can bet on either team (1 or 2) winning, or you can bet on the draw (X). Here’s the moneyline for our example match:

Norway –125

Romania +400

Draw +260

The draw is often a good value bet in soccer, since so many people like to bet on their chosen team to win. In this case, Romania’s late goal was enough to pay draw bettors $260 for every $100 wagered.


Soccer is the lowest-scoring game you’ll find among the top professional sports, but you can still bet on whether the two sides will combine to score over or under a certain number of goals: 

Norway O 2.0 (+105)

Romania U 2.0 (–115)

The total is presented in much the same way as the spread, although the names of the two teams don’t matter here. The Over is always listed on the top; Bodog Sportsbook uses the uppercase “O” to help you navigate the soccer lines more easily. The Under is on the bottom, and as before, the vigorish for each line is shown in parentheses. By scoring four goals, this match made the Over pay out $105 for every $100 wagered.

First Half

The “straight” or “single” bets we’ve shown thus far (spread, total and moneyline) are also available for just the first half, instead of the entire 90 minutes plus regulation time.

Second Half

As with first-half bets, you can wager specifically on the outcome of the second half when you bet on soccer at Bodog.

Game Props

Game props are specific “proposition” bets, a category that can include just about anything other than the outcome of the match itself. Winning Margin and Exact Score are two of the most popular game props on the menu.

Goal Props

This is where you bet on goal-specific props, like whether there will be an even or odd number of goals scored during the match.

Player Props

If a soccer prop has to do with a specific player – like who will score the first goal, or get booked first – that’s a player prop.


Last, but by no means least, a futures bet asks you to wager on an event that won’t be resolved until some time in the future; for example, who will win Euro 2020? The odds we’ve quoted above can be found on the soccer futures market, along with odds for who will win each qualifying group.

With all these bets at your fingertips, you should find something you’ll like when you surf the soccer odds at Bodog. Need more information? Our comprehensive FAQ and Help guides are always available, and so is our Customer Service team. In the meantime, check back with us on the regular for updated Euro 2020 odds and analysis, and may the best team win.

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