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Entertainment Betting


Entertainment betting has always been a popular option at Bodog Sportsbook, especially in February when the Oscars come around. This year has seen even more action than normal due to the absence of major sports. With no baseball to be had, bettors can turn their attention to a slew of intriguing betting options that don’t rely on a Return-to-Play action plan.

Most of our entertainment odds fall into one of four categories: odds on trending topics, business, the Royal Family, or state lotteries. But this isn’t a comprehensive list; sometimes, you’ll find interesting and unexpected options pop up, such as a bet on the weather, so keep your eyes on the board and act quick when you see something you like.


How to Bet on Stock Props

See how far your stock trading instincts can get you in our sportsbook with our stock props. The price of crude oil and precious metals are available in addition to shares for major corporations. See if you can make money off the stock exchange and double down on our stock props; we’ll show you how.

Most of our stock props offer bets for a certain stock or index being up or down at a specified hour. For example, you could bet on the Dow Jones Industrial Index being up or down between 2 PM ET and 3 PM ET daily. For the most part, the two betting options (Up and Down) will be priced equally, so there’s no telling what the outcome will be. Any time trading is stopped during the window, bets will be void and money is returned.


Bets on Crypto Props

Jump on the roller coaster ride that is cryptocurrency stock trading. This form of e-cash is always fun to bet on in our sportsbook, as its value can go up and down quickly. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two betting options available at this time; you can bet on them being up or down within two-hour windows. Cast your vote and collect a payout if your prediction comes true.


Bet on the 104th Hot Dog Eating Contest

The coronavirus pandemic has cancelled a lot of major events, but it won’t cancel Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating competition. Instead of taking place at Coney Island Boardwalk, it will be brought indoors to a private location. No spectators will be cheering on the competitive eaters, which will comprise five men and five women instead of the usual 30.

An indoor location means access to air conditioning—an environmental change that could give long-time champ Joey Chestnut an opportunity to improve upon his current world record of 74 hot dogs and buns. He’s currently a heavy —1100 favourite against the field (+575) to win his fifth straight title since Matt Stonie interrupted Chestnut’s win streak in 2015

Miki Sudo rules the women’s side of the competition. After entering the scene and beating long-time champ Sonya Thomas in 2014, Sudo has won every year. She’s currently the —750 favourite over the field (+415) to win again this year.

Totals are available for both the men’s and women’s championship and aren’t quite as chalky as picking the winner. Take a look at the long list of betting options as you get ready for this longstanding Independence Day tradition.


Bet on Entertainment