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A Primer on the Cricket World Cup Betting


Four years ago, over 1.5 billion people from around the world tuned in to watch one of the biggest events on the sports betting calendar: the ICC Cricket World Cup. That includes the million-plus people who attended the games live in Australia and New Zealand. The betting action for these games is always off the charts; this year’s tournament, which will be co-hosted by England and Wales, should be no different. Here’s everything you need to get started with betting on the 2019 Cricket World Cup at Bodog Sportsbook.


History of the Cricket World Cup


The Cricket World Cup is a relatively new tournament; the first men’s event was held in England in 1975, and was known for sponsorship purposes as the Prudential Cup. The name would change several times before the International Cricket Council put its own stamp on the event in 1999. Previous attempts at establishing an international cricket tournament proved unsuccessful, but the growing popularity of one-day cricket (as opposed to test matches, which can take up to five days) in the 1960s and ‘70s gave the tournament concept a new lease on life.


England hosted the first three Cricket World Cups almost by default – they were the only country who had the infrastructure and the means. The inaugural participants were the six Test nations at the time (England, Australia, India, New Zealand, Pakistan and the West Indies), along with Sri Lanka and a team representing East Africa. Later tournaments would use the ICC Trophy competition (now known as the ICC World Cup Qualifier) to decide who would join the Test nations as “Associates” at the World Cup; teams like Canada and Zimbabwe qualified through this process.


The 1987 Cricket World Cup was held in India and Pakistan, and has travelled the globe ever since. The tournament has also evolved over the years; the games now feature 50 overs instead of 60, and the number of participants keeps changing – this year’s World Cup, which will run from May 30 to July 14, will include 10 teams from the burgeoning pool of 12 Test nations. None of the Associate teams made it through the qualifying stages.


Team Previews


The Group stage is still underway as we go to online press, but with just a handful of matches remaining in our online betting sportsbook, four Cricket teams have already been eliminated from game competition – including South Africa, who were the No. 3 favorites at +550 on the ICC Cricket World Cup betting odds before the sports tournament began. Less surprisingly, the qualifying sports teams from Afghanistan and the West Indies have also been eliminated, as have Sri Lanka. Here’s a look at the remaining six teams as they appear on the Cricket World Cup online betting odds board.


1. Australia ICC World Cup 2019 Odds: +200


The Aussies were No. 4 at +600 on the ICC online betting odds heading into the tournament, but they’ve already secured a place in the Knockout stage with seven wins in their first eight game matches, the only loss coming to India by 36 runs on June 9. Aaron “Finchy” Finch, the new team captain, has stepped up with his quick thinking, which was on display in their 86-run victory over New Zealand on June 29; Finch took advantage of the spin-friendly conditions at Lord’s by using eight bowlers – himself included.


2. India ICC World Cup 2019 Odds: +225


Nothing much has changed with India’s status on the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 online betting odds board since the beginning of the Group stage. They’re still second favourites (although improved from +275) after going 5-1 with one No Result, forced by the rain out of their June 13 game match with New Zealand at Nottingham. The two-time game champions should feel good about their game chances after putting away Australia by 36 runs on June 9; the Men in Blue only have Bangladesh and Sri Lanka left on their dance card and in our sportsbook. However, they won’t have Vijay Shankar for the rest of the tournament, after he suffered a broken toe during practice for Sunday’s 31-run loss to the No. 3 team on our online sportsbook list.


3. England ICC World Cup 2019 Odds: +275


As the host nation (alongside Wales) and the No. 1-ranked side in ODI competition, the Three Lions entered the fray as +225 favourites to win the 2019 Cricket World Cup game. But after saving their sports tournament on Sunday, they’ve still got some work to do if they’re going to reach the Knockout stage, sitting just one point clear of Pakistan for fourth place on the points table with only one match left against New Zealand on Wednesday. England are –240 to win that match and advance. Even if they do, previous losses to Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Aussies don’t bode well for their sports championship hopes.


4. New Zealand ICC World Cup 2019 Odds: +700


This is heady ground for New Zealand (five wins, two losses, one No Result), who lead England by a single point for third place going into Wednesday’s pivotal match. The rainout in Nottingham helped them secure a point against India; victories over the bottom five teams on the table in their first five contests should be enough to push them through to the Knockout stage, but getting crushed by Australia shows why the Kiwis are well behind England on the ICC Cricket World Cup online betting odds list – for now.


5. Pakistan ICC World Cup 2019 Odds: +2000


It’s almost time to draw the curtain on the Men in Green. They’re still fifth on the ICC betting odds board, just as they were before the World Cup, but even after defeating both England and New Zealand, they’re still fifth on the points table. Pakistan will need a lot of things to go right from here, including a victory over Bangladesh on Friday. How competitive that match is will depend in part on whether England will fail to defeat New Zealand on Wednesday – and how the next sports team on our list performs on Tuesday.


6. Bangladesh ICC World Cup 2019 Odds: +5000


Technically, Bangladesh are still in the hunt after three wins, three losses and a No Result, but their World Cup sports dreams are hanging by a thread. India await them on Tuesday at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham, with the Men in Blue massive –650 favourites on the money line. However, the Tigers do have the best Net Run Rate (minus-0.113) of all the sports teams not currently in the Top 4, and if they can somehow put one over on India, their chances against Pakistan (minus-0.792) will look excellent by comparison. Net Run Rate will also be the tiebreaker should both teams finish with the same number of points, so that could help Bangladesh get into the Knockout stage at Pakistan’s expense.

Cricket World Cup Betting Guide


The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 format will be a bit different than in recent years. There will be one 10-team group in the Group Stage, with each team playing the other nine once, Round Robin-style. The top four will proceed to the Knockout phase, which will consist of two semi-finals (one at Old Trafford, the other at Edgbaston) leading to the final at Lord’s on July 14. This is a similar format to the nine-team Cricket World Cup that Pakistan won in 1992.


In all, a total of 48 matches will be played at the 2019 World Cup, scattered around the 11 host venues – 10 in England, as well as Sophia Gardens in Cardiff. Lord’s is the most revered of these grounds; the London venue is known as The Home of Cricket, and has been in use since 1814. Until 2005, it was also the home of the International Cricket Council itself. They moved their headquarters to Dubai that year.


That move is emblematic of the larger power shift in international cricket, away from England and towards South Asia. Of the 1.5 billion-plus viewers who watched the 2015 World Cup, over one billion tuned into the Group Stage match between India and Pakistan – easily the most intense rivalry in the sport. They’re due to meet this year at Old Trafford on June 16. Will both teams make it to the Knockout phase as well?


How to Bet on the Cricket World Cup


ICC betting odds are available right now at Bodog Sportsbook, where you can bet on which of the 10 participants will hoist the World Cup Trophy. The odds listed above in the Team Previews section can be found on the cricket futures market. This is where you bet on the outcome of a larger event that won’t be resolved until a later date, usually a tournament or league championship. In this case, you can bet on any (or several) of the 10 teams in the Cricket World Cup to win the tournament – everyone from England at the top of the list to Afghanistan (+6600) at the bottom.


Game lines will be released as we get closer to the May 30 opening match at The Oval between England and South Africa. You’ll be able to place straight bets on either of the two sides in a given cricket match, using the standard Cricket moneyline format. Here’s an example of what you might find on the cricket odds board at Bodog; this is from the February 8 One Day Cup match in South Africa between the Cape Cobras and the Warriors.


Cape Cobras –150

Warriors +115


As with international soccer matches, the home team is listed at the top when you look at the cricket lines. The Cape Cobras were listed as –150 favourites, using the American Odds format; a $150 wager on the Cobras would pay $100 if they won this match. The Warriors were the +115 underdogs, meaning a bet of $100 would return $115 in profit. Larger and smaller bets than what you see in this example are allowed, although the minimum wager at Bodog is $1, and the maximum possible payout on any one bet is $100,000. You can find a more detailed list of cricket betting rules as part of our larger Sports FAQ archive.


As the game lines are posted for the Cricket World Cup, you’ll also find a number of special side bets known as props (short for “proposition” bets). This is where you can bet on outcomes other than the match itself, like who the top batsman and top bowler will be for the winners, or which side will score the most Sixes. The bigger the match, the more cricket props you’ll likely see posted – and ODI matches don’t get any bigger than the World Cup. Stay tuned for fresh odds and analysis on this year’s must-see tournament right here at Bodog Sportsbook.


ICC Cricket World Cup Betting, Odds and Insights