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Bettors Anticipating Return of Super Bowl Props

With Super Bowl 54 is just around the corner and we’re going to get you ready to bet on the best Super Bowl props for the upcoming game on February 3. Super Bowl Prop bets enhance the Super Bowl watching experience.


Wagering on every aspect of the game set to commence as NFL playoff field is whittled down

The countdown to Super Bowl LIV is well underway. And while fans will continue to dream of championship glory, sports bettors will be able to occupy themselves with a full slate of Super Bowl betting props as the big game approaches.

Super Bowl props betting has seen a dramatic increase in popularity in recent years, with hundreds of available wagering options covering action both on and off the gridiron appealing to both casual and experienced sports bettors.

NFL Super Bowl props action typically gets underway with the pregame coin toss. Heads and tails enjoy an equal chance of turning up in a coin toss, and that has been largely reflected on Super Sunday with tails turning up 28 times versus 25 times for heads - which paid out on -105 odds after turning up two years ago at Super Bowl LII. However, good luck in the coin toss has not turned into success on the field in the big game, with the coin toss winners going down to defeat in the past four Super Bowl contests.

Other extremely popular Super Bowl props bets focus on the pregame performance of the national anthem. A year ago, pop singer Pink gave the nation a brief break from the national anthem controversy that had dogged the NFL throughout the previous two seasons, turning in a classy performance of the The Star-Spangled Banner, and the first rendition of the song under two minutes at the big game in four years.

With national anthem performances not part of the NFL television broadcasts this past season, and no anthem singer yet named for this year's game, its future at the Super Bowl remains uncertain. However, with Maroon 5 now confirmed as the game's headline act, the halftime show is expected to be heavily covered on the Super Bowl 53 props menu.

Expect props wagers to focus on what songs the band performs, what special unannounced guests will join the band on stage, as well as the fashion choices of singer Adam Levine along with rappers Travis Scott and Big Boi, who are also expected to share the Super Bowl stage.


Opening Kickoff, Scoring Plays Set for Props Menu

Super Bowl 54 prop betting heats up with the opening kickoff. Sports bettors can wager on virtually every aspect of the action, from which team scores first and on what type of scoring play, to the on-field performances of individual players, and the exact final score of the game.

Offbeat aspects of the television broadcast are also reflected on the Super Bowl props menu. With Justin Timberlake making a return to the Super Bowl halftime show two years ago, props betting on the game focused on mentions of the infamous "wardrobe malfunction" in his previous Super Bowl appearance alongside Janet Jackson proved very popular, as did mentions of Tom Brady, his wife Gisele Bundchen, and United States president Donald Trump.

And recent speculation on whether Trump will attend this year's game could fuel props betting interest in the president's plans for Super Sunday.

Finally, the most popular Super Bowl postgame props bets focus on the color of the liquid that will get dumped on the winning coach in the traditional Gatorade shower, as well as who the Super Bowl MVP will mention first, with typical choices for that prop including his teammates, his family, and God.

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