Virtual Sports to Enjoy During the Super Bowl

Super Bowl has become a full-day extravaganza for sports fans in North America. From the first chicken wing eaten to the final beer consumed, we approach the annual event like a holiday with its own set of customs. One of those customs is betting on the game at virtual sportsbooks like Bodog. Millions of football fans across the continent place bets, big and small, to spice up the experience, and those numbers increase every year.

While some people are content to toss a wager on their preferred team and simply kick back to watch the action, others crave a little more, especially during commercial breaks and the half time show. With plenty of downtime between plays, you’ll have lots of opportunities to pick up another fun activity. The perfect solution is trying to play virtual sports. Now they’re available in quick intervals, making them the perfect way to catch a bit of extra action—and get paid if you bet right.

How Virtual Sports are a Fast and Fun Way to Play

Virtual sports betting mimics traditional sports betting in a lot of ways, but shrinks everything down into a micro environment that’s controlled by algorithms instead of athletes. That makes it possible to bet on the fly, which is why people turn to virtual sports to fill in the gaps on game day. These virtual games are constantly cycling through a sports season, with each game coming with a highlight reel that takes under two minutes to showcase the top moments. 

Our virtual sports leagues include basketball, two soccer leagues, and several types of races that range from standard horse racing to obscure camel races. All of them use a similar betting format to what you’d find in our standard sportsbook, so there’s no need to learn new strategies when you try this intriguing betting option.

Try Virtual Basketball League

Nothing, not even the coronavirus pandemic, can stop our virtual basketball league from running. These games rely on Random Number Generator software to determine the outcomes, making them a good option when schedule interruptions happen, or when you need something quicker than what’s possible with real-life basketball betting.    

Our virtual basketball league, dubbed the American Basketball League (or ABL), comprises 16 location-based teams in the US. On a typical rotation, you may be watching Boston take on Cleveland, or Portland taking on Memphis, for example. You’ll quickly recognize the franchises featured in the ABL, as they’re similar to what you’d find in the NBA. 

Each week, ABL teams are matched up against an opponent, and throughout the 30-week season, they play each opponent twice; once as the home team and once as the visiting team. Lots of different betting options are available for each matchup, including picking the winner straight up and/or the winner at half time. Two different sets of totals are included (plus team-specific totals), and there are win margins (full time and half time) to choose from. You can bet up to three weeks in advance of a game on the schedule. 

To increase your odds of winning your bets, a Statistics page is available for virtual sports bettors. Here, you’ll find valuable information like team win totals and percentages. This is further broken down into home and away records, and you can also see if a team is streaking—one way or another—through the L10 (last 10) column. With no “human” factor, like injuries or coaching changes, there’s less to consider when placing virtual basketball bets.

Try Virtual Soccer

Soccer is another popular choice in our virtual betting casino and one that complements Super Bowl festivities nicely. Two unique leagues are available at all times to soccer bettors. The national league is under the “Soccer” header with the Cup, and the English Premier-based league is under the “Soccer League” header and simply referred to as the English League. 

There is much more variety with virtual soccer betting than virtual basketball betting. The standard 1X2 betting option that involves picking the winner, or draw, is the first bet on the board. Under that, a myriad of Correct Score betting options are available for savvy soccer bettors, plus double chance options. Goal/No Goal is on the board in addition to totals, Asian Handicap and much more. You can bet any way you want before watching the highlight reel which broadcasts the best moments of the game. 

With euro football, soccer tables are where people get a quick glimpse at how teams are performing, and our soccer Statistics page has the same relevant information. Teams are ranked from best to worst based on points, and you’ll also see the overall W-D-L records and total goals scored. Under the Last 5 column, you can see each team’s record for their last five games. Take this pertinent information into consideration when placing your virtual soccer bets for improved chances at winning.  

Try Virtual Horses

There’s no need to wait for the Kentucky Derby to bet on the horses; our virtual horse racing software makes it possible to bet on horses at any point in the year and any time of the day. Out of all of the racing options on the virtual betting page, horse racing gets the most action. Pull up any race (they happen every 2-3 minutes), and you’ll see the list of race contenders along with their odds to win the race (Winner), finish first or second (Place), or finish in the top three (Show). 

Exotics, including exactas and trifectas, are available for those looking to secure a big payout for their laser-sharp instincts. These types of bets require you to correctly predict the exact result (including order) for the first two or three finishers. It’s a tough bet to make, which is why the rewards are so generous. If you’re a little less intense about your horse bets and just like to have fun with it, over/under betting lets you guess if the winner will be in the first or second half of the board, while even/odd bets let you guess if the winner has an even or odd number. Whatever your approach, keep it fun, so as not to detract from the main event: Super Bowl LV.