As technology continues to grow, Sin City is no longer a place for those unwilling to take work off and pay for a flight. More than ever Las Vegas, Nevada can be right on your lap.


A couple of years ago this might not have been possible. The U.S. was attempting to block out the booming online casino business, but even they’re beginning to realize that it’s simply evolution that the gaming experience that everyone loved in Sin City find its way online. Word is Hawaii is considering opening an online gaming site of its own. But they’ll have tough competition, the Bodog Casino is already offering the Vegas experience... for free.

A quick rundown of Bodog Casino’s offerings and it’s hard to figure out how they and a big casino & resort like Caesars Palace differ: Both give a huge variety of casino games, including the ability to play online slots for as much as $5 per spin to as low as a penny. Both give out comps for your play, the more handle you generate the more you can get back. And both have contests for huge prizes.

Bodog Casino is currently celebrating its billionth hand of online blackjack and is therefore offering casino enthusiasts a chance to win cash prizes and a trip that only a billionaire could love. Check out the Bodog Billionth Blackjack Hand contest while there’s still time.


So, what are the differences?

The biggest one is unlike Vegas you can play at Bodog’s online casino for free. Vegas won’t let you hop on to a table to learn how to play blackjack without emptying your pockets in the process.

Vegas does have the advantage of great scenery, great shows and those free drinks. But if your bar is stocked at home and you’ve got a good satellite – we have a feeling you’ll take the comfort of your own home over a busy, smoky Vegas casino 90 percent of the time. Plus, Bodog and the Bodog Beat keep all of its players up to date with loads of online gambling articles and blog posts.

As soon as Cirque Du Soleil shows and “Gentleman Clubs” can be streamed while you play, Vegas may have to make the jump to online themselves or risk extinction.