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The Dallas Cowboys kicked off Week 13 with a victory over the Minnesota Vikings, extending their winning streak to 11 games. Now that we’re heading down the home stretch, we’ll check out the regular season props to see who’s leading the league in the most important categories. Here are the top NFL Specials on the board:


Who Will Lead the NFL in Passing Yards After Week 17?

Drew Brees: -150
Kirk Cousins: +300
Matt Ryan: +300

Brees is the favourite in this category, but he holds a slim lead over Cousins and Ryan. Brees is at 3,587 yards, while Cousins is at 3,540 and Ryan is at 3,516. Ryan’s passing numbers have faded a little bit. He averaged 368.3 passing yards a game in his first four of the season, and has averaged 292 per game in the last four weeks. He’s been under 300 in four of his last five games. Cousins, on the other hand, has been on fire and has a lot of value here. He’s averaged a whopping 386 passing yards per week over his last four games.


Who Will Lead the NFL in Receiving Yards After Week 17?

Julio Jones: -160
Antonio Brown: +275
Mike Evans: +500
TY Hilton: +1200
Odell Beckham Jr.: +1200
Amari Cooper: +1800

Lots of competitors are fighting for the receiving yards title, but Jones has the inside track. He has 1,140 receiving yards, which is 120 more than Mike Evans, who’s an excellent value pick at third place. Jones is coming off a 35-yard outing, so the door is open for Evans, or anyone else, to catch up. Evans has played well of late, passing the 100-yard receiving mark in three of his last four games. They’re the only two receivers with over 1,000 receiving yards so far.


Who Will Lead the NFL in Receptions After Week 17?

Antonio Brown: -200
Larry Fitzgerald: +275
Mike Evans: +500

Brown leads the way with 82 receptions. His numbers dipped while star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was out with injuries, but since Big Ben has returned, Brown has averaged 8.5 receptions over the last four games. It’ll be hard to catch him if he keeps up the pace.


Who Will Lead the NFL in Sacks After Week 17?

Von Miller: -150
Lorenzo Alexander: +500
Khalil Mack: +600
Cliff Avril: +750
Dee Ford: +1200

Miller currently leads the sack race with 12.5, but Buffalo’s Lorenzo Alexander, Seattle’s Cliff Avril and Kansas City’s Dee Ford aren’t far behind, with 10 sacks each. Miller has been consistent, registering at least one sack in eight games this season. Meanwhile, Ford has a total of 6.5 sacks in his last four games, but will have to share some playing time now that fellow linebacker Justin Houston is back. Avril and Alexander have cooled off a bit. Avril has registered one sack in his last three games, while Alexander has registered one sack in his last four games.


*Odds as of December 2, 2016