There are two types of betting that you will encounter when you are playing online blackjack (as well as a number of other games you will find in your online casino): fixed and progressive betting.

 Both have different connotations in regards to how you manage your bankroll, which is clearly one of the most important aspects of any type of betting.

 We're going to have a closer look at progressive betting in online blackjack this article and detail the strategy as to why it's important to not only know about but employ.


What is progressive betting?

Progressive betting is a different style of wagering when it comes to online blackjack as it involves a little more strategy as opposed to fixed betting.

Fixed betting is when you determine your bet unit and stick with it the entire way through. For example, if you're a $20 player, you continue to wager $20 per hand for every hand you see in blackjack.

As for progressive betting, it's completely different because you bet varying amounts. For example, you might bet $5 your first hand, $10 your second hand, $15 your third hand and $20 your fourth hand. After that, you start over.

That's the difference between fixed and progressive betting; one is simpler and more for beginners. The other is more advanced and requires some strategy to back it up.


Strategy with progressive betting

So now that we understand what progressive betting is, why would anyone do it?

The purpose behind progressive betting is to make your wins count a lot more. Anyone who has played blackjack – at a land-based casino or online casino – knows that the game seems to be played in streaks. Sometimes, the cards go your way and sometimes they don't.

Let's say you're on a hot streak and you're employing a fixed betting strategy. Let's say you've won five times in a row betting $5 per hand. At that point, you've only taken home $25. Now let's say you're a progressive bettor and after a win, your rage your wager by $5. So after five consecutive wins, you would have cashed out $75. Clearly, the upside is much higher this way.

There is, of course, the downside of losing big as well. If you're going to raise your bet by $5 every time, you could eventually take a bigger loss than the fixed bettor. That being said, it's all about finding the right strategy that works for you. Some bettors like to raise their bet by $5 on wins and then start back at their original bet after a loss. That way winning streaks pay out handsomely but losing streaks don't cost you as much.

The bottom line is for you to determine what works for you. Now that you know about progressive betting, make a budget, make a plan and see what type of betting blueprint works for you.