Super Bowl 54 Specials

Super Bowl 54 Specials Props Betting

The Super Bowl props are here with greater selection than ever before. There’s no denying that the betting public loves props. Keeping a props checklist in hand while watching the action unroll has become a Super Bowl tradition for football fans everywhere. Was the opening coin toss heads or tails? Who was the first player to score a touchdown? What colour was the Gatorade that was poured on the winning team’s head coach? These are just a few examples of the props that people pepper onto their bet slip in order to create a more engaging Super Bowl betting experience.

If you’re new to the props world, we’ve got your back. Also known as Super Bowl Specials, props are side bets proposed by oddsmakers about different elements that may or may not occur on game day beyond the winner of the actual football game. The betting options are arranged as either a “Yes” or “No,” or a list of possible outcomes. Each option has either positive or negative odds depending on the probability of it happening. In this article, we’ve compiled examples of six interesting and weird Super Bowl 54 betting props that are live in our sportsbook as we go to press:

The Top Three Most Interesting Super Bowl Specials

What will happen first in the game?

This prop has two betting options: one for fans of defense and one for fans of offense, and there’s no differentiation based on team. If you think that a quarterback will get sacked before a touchdown is scored, you can make $120 off of a $100 bet based on the following Super Bowl LIV betting odds.

Sack -120
Touchdown -120

Which coach will be mentioned first on TV after kick-off?

This is a fun prop to have on your list. Turn up the volume at kick-off to focus on the announcers’ dialogue. If you correctly predict which coach gets the first mention, you can score some quick cash. Keep in mind, the media loves Mahomes and the Chiefs, which is why Andy Reid has the shorter Super Bowl 2020 betting odds at -140.

Andy Reid -140
Kyle Shanahan EVEN

Will any kick be returned for a touchdown?

Although the odds of this happening are slim, a kick being returned for a touchdown is one of the more exciting things that can happen during a football game; it’s even more exciting if you put it on your props list before kick-off. In Super Bowl XVII, the Miami Dolphins’ Fulton Walker returned a kick-off 98 yards all the way to the house to contribute to a 17-10 half-time lead over Washington. If it happens again at Super Bowl LIV, a $100 bet will yield a hefty $900 payout. Do you think the special teams squad on either team has it in them?

Yes +900
No -3500

The Top 3 Weirdest Super Bowl Specials

Will a fan run onto the field during the game?

No one likes the delays that come from a fan running onto the field during a game—unless you bet on this exact prop beforehand. This scenario happened at a Chiefs game in this year’s pre-season; Jones Quartey tackled the intruding fan after failed attempts by security to catch him. Security at the Super Bowl is much tighter than pre-season games, which is why “No” is favoured at -1600.

Yes +700
No -1600

What will happen to the price of bitcoin (BTC) during the Super Bowl?

Bitcoin Price is More at Game’s End -140
Bitcoin Price is Less at Game’s End EVEN

Halftime Show: Will Will Smith make an appearance during the halftime show?

This year’s halftime show is featuring Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Guest performers will join them, with no word on who they are yet. There is some buzz about fans wanting Will Smith to join the duo, but neither Smith nor J Lo have publicly announced anything, which is why this prop is still available on our Super Bowl 54 betting specials.

Yes +300
No -500