Top Super Bowl LV Prop Bets & Specials

Nothing spices up a Super Bowl experience quite like NFL betting. When you put some money on the line, every play becomes more significant. While betting on the outcome of the game through the NFL betting lines is the most common way to get in the action, props, short for proposition bets, offer a more varied betting experience. 

A prop bet is like a side bet that focuses on some aspect of the event beyond predicting the winner. Everything from entertainment style bets (i.e. the Gatorade Shower prop) to player and team achievements (i.e. total number of yards thrown) is on the board with props, offering value to savvy bettors who like to browse through many options. We’re covering 10 props in particular that should be on your radar when you fill out your bet slip on February 7.

First Touchdown Scorer—Both Teams

Who will be the first to put points on the scoreboard? Each team has a First Touchdown Scorer prop that includes their biggest stars. For Kansas City, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill are the top commodities, available at +300 each. For the Buccaneers, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Leonard Fournette are all equally priced at +450.

Super Bowl LV—MVP Winner

This award goes to the most valuable player on the winning team and is decided by a combination of votes submitted by a media panel (80%) and votes submitted by fans (20%). Last year’s recipient was Patrick Mahomes. Tom Brady, meanwhile, has racked up four awards throughout his storied career. Both lead the way on the Super Bowl LV MVP prop, with Mahomes available at —120, and Brady available at +200. 

Will a Special Teams or Defensive TD be Scored?

It’s always an exciting moment when a team scores through their defense or special teams unit, and now you can make that moment even more exciting by betting on whether or not you think it will happen. It’s pretty rare, which is why you’ll find “No” as the favourite at —275. “Yes” is on the board for +200.

Who will Have More Passing Yards in the Game? 

With Tom Brady and the Bucs pitted against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, this upcoming game is going to be a pass game fan’s dream scenario. Mahomes is pegged as a 25.5-favourite for passing yards, so as long as Brady gets within 25 yards of the younger phenom QB, he pays out at —130. It’s worth noting that in their Week 12 matchup, Mahomes out-threw Brady by a wide margin: 462 yards to 345. 

Total Interceptions Thrown

No one wants to throw an interception in the Super Bowl. The pain of Russell Wilson’s goal line interception as time expired at Super Bowl XLIX is a re-occurring nightmare for Seahawks fans. Bet on whether you think Mahomes or Brady will throw at least one interception on Sunday. Odds tilt in Brady’s favour for throwing one, while Mahomes is favoured to throw none.

Total Receiving Yards

With such great expectations buzzing around the pass game, betting on NFL receiving yards is a fun way to fill out your props bets. All of the top receivers are included here and have their own total receiving yards estimation; simply pick Over or Under the same way you would when betting on a game total. The highest total on the board: Travis Kelce at 95.5 yards. He has registered an average of 113.5 yards per game this postseason.

Total Rushing Yards

The same type of prop is available for the run game. Bet on your favourite running backs to go Over or Under a total yards prediction. You can also bet on a combination of total rushing and receiving yards. Tampa Bay RB Leonard Fournette leads the way for both scenarios, with a 50.5-yard total for rushing and a 75.5-yard total for the combo. Over/Unders are priced equally at —115.  

Top Super Bowl Specials

Super Bowl LV National Anthem—How Long will it Take Jazmine Sullivan or Eric Church to Sing the US National Anthem?

This year, two singers are collaborating for the National Anthem performance: R&B/pop singer Jazmine Sullivan and country singer Eric Church. Bet on whether it will take them over or under 1-minute and 59-seconds. The stopwatch starts from the moment they sing the first word to the end of the word “Brave”. So far, “Under” is the popular choice here, with the odds shrinking to —140. 

Super Bowl LV—What Colour will the First Liquid be that is Poured on the Game-Winning Coach?

This is the popular “Gatorade” prop we mentioned in the intro, but the liquid in question does not necessarily have to be Gatorade. The winning team can douse their head coach in any brand of sports drink—what’s important is the colour. Orange is the frontrunner at +150. Last year, Kansas City head coach Andy Reid was showered in orange Gatorade, so if you think they’ll win again, it’s a solid pick. Red is second in line at +225. Lime/Green/Yellow is the third pick, available for +275. Beyond that, we have less common options such as Clear/Water, Blue and Purple. 

Super Bowl LV—Who will the Super Bowl MVP Mention First in his Speech?

It’s a touching moment when the Super Bowl MVP is handed his award and given the microphone to express his gratitude. Everyone always wants to know who the MVP will mention first in their speech. Most of the time it’s their teammates (—120), but it can also be a religious entity, the city the game is hosted in, which is mostly relevant for the Bucs, the coach, owner and more. See if you can get one last quick bet to pay out when all of the action is wrapping up on Sunday. Have fun and enjoy the game.

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