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The Super Bowl is the biggest single-day betting event of the year. And a lot of those bets are props – one of the most entertaining forms of sports betting. From serious to off-beat, Bodog has a vast array to choose from. We’ve narrowed down the eight craziest on the board.


1. How long will it take Luke Bryan to sing the US National Anthem?

Bryan, a country musician, sang the national anthem at the 2012 MLB All-Star game. It took him 2:03. Oddsmakers expect him to stretch it out a bit longer for the Super Bowl; the over/under is pegged at 2:09.


2. If the Patriots win, will Brady, Belichick or Kraft be seen shaking Roger Goodell's hand on TV?

Under normal circumstances, one of these three would definitely shake the commissioner's hand in the event of a win. But this season, Deflategate has created tension between them. They’re favoured at –400 to still go for the traditional handshake, but you can bet on them forgoing it for +250.

3. Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first after he is presented with the trophy?

For this prop, “teammates” is favoured at +150, with “God” next in line at +250. “Family” is in the running at +275. Maybe someone will give President Donald Trump the first shout out, which is the longest shot of them all at +5000.

4. What colour will the liquid be that is poured on the head coach of the winning team?

The Gatorade Shower has become part of Super Bowl tradition, and this season clear/water (+300), yellow (+300), orange (+300) and lime/green (+350) are at the top of the odds board. Maybe the Gatorade Shower won’t happen at all; coach Bill Belichick has managed to stay dry after two of his four Super Bowl wins.

5. How many times will Gisele Bündchen be shown on TV during live broadcast?

Model Gisele Bündchen is married to New England quarterback Tom Brady, so there’s a good chance she’ll be shown at least once – especially if the Patriots win. The over/under is set at 1.5.

6. How many times will Donald Trump tweet during the game?

Trump has ties to New England owner Robert Kraft and QB Tom Brady, both of whom are friends. If the Patriots win, expect to see a tweet or two. If anyone criticizes him, and reports suggest Lady Gaga may, expect a tweetstorm. The over/under is set at 1.5.

7. What colour will Lady Gaga's hair be when she starts her half time show?

Lady Gaga is one of the most transformative artists in the music industry. She mostly sports blonde locks and is favoured (–300) to do so at the Super Bowl. “Any Other Colour” is the alternative at +200.

8. How many times will "deflate" or "deflategate" be said on TV during live broadcast?

Deflategate has been an ongoing storyline and could be a topic of conversation at the Super Bowl. Brady served his four-game suspension for the never-ending saga at the start of this season. Over 1.5 times is favoured at –130.



*Odds as of February 3, 2017