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When the Philadelphia Eagles traded starting QB Sam Bradford to the Minnesota Vikings right before the season, many thought it was a desperate move by the Vikings and a sign of rebuilding by the Eagles. Instead, both teams are 3-0 and continue to rise up the ranks.


Moving On Up

Minnesota Vikings

This Week’s Super Bowl Odds: +1200

Last Week: +2000

The Vikings were written off after losing starting QB Teddy Bridgewater just weeks before the start of the season. They were again supposed to struggle after losing star running back Adrian Peterson. However, they’re a perfect 3-0, having notched wins over the Green Bay Packers and reigning NFC Champion Carolina Panthers. A big reason for this is their defense, which has been phenomenal. The Vikings lead the league in sacks (15) and are third in points per game allowed (13.3).


Philadelphia Eagles

This Week’s Super Bowl Odds: +2200

Last Week: +7500

The Eagles have been the surprise of the young season. They’re 3-0 behind rookie QB Carson Wentz. While wins over the Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears flew under the radar, the 34-3 drubbing of the Pittsburgh Steelers stole headlines on Sunday. Not only has Wentz played well – he’s the first rookie in NFL history without an interception through his first 100 pass attempts – but the defense has also improved their game. Their 9.0 points per game allowed is the best in the NFL.


Moving Down

Cincinnati Bengals

Last Week’s Super Bowl Odds: +2500

This Week: +3300

So far this season, the Bengals have earned a one-point win over the New York Jets, and have lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos. While those are tough teams, the Bengals need to improve if they want to become Super Bowl contenders. The chief concern is their running game, which is averaging just 82.0 yards per game (27th in the NFL). Also, their defense gave up just 17.4 points per game last season (second best in the NFL) and is now allowing 25.0 this season.


New York Jets

Last Week’s Super Bowl Odds: +4000

This Week: +6600

The Jets imploded in Kansas City where QB Ryan Fitzpatrick threw six interceptions as part of their 24-3 loss. A 1-2 start isn’t the end of the world, but the Jets have to play Seattle (at home), Pittsburgh and Arizona (on the road), and then Baltimore (at home) in the next four weeks. Even a split would make them just 3-4. Beyond that, they’ll still have to play the New England Patriots twice later in the year. Making the playoffs looks like an uphill battle for the team that won 10 games last year.


Updated Super Bowl Futures Top Three

1. New England Patriots (+375 Super Bowl Odds): They keep losing starting quarterbacks, but they keep winning.

2. Green Bay Packers (+800 Super Bowl Odds): The Packers’ offense played well against Detroit, with Aaron Rodgers throwing four first-half touchdowns. The win allows the Packers to reclaim the No. 2 spot on the odds board.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (+900 Super Bowl Odds): The Steelers fell flat in Philadelphia, losing 34-3, dropping one spot on the odds board.


*Odds as of September 27, 2016