What is a Sit and Go?

Sit and Go’s are single table tournaments that only begin when the table is full – there is no schedule. It’s all about finding a seat, waiting for it to start and then trying to finish in the money.

Everyone in a Sit and Go buys in for the same amount of money and starts with the same number of chips. The blinds gradually go up in "levels" or "stages" until one player is left standing. Payouts are set before the game and displayed when you buy in.

To find these tournaments, go to the Bodog Poker room where you’ll see a list of Sit and Go’s ready for sign-ups. Bodog offers Sit and Go’s 24/7.

These types of tournaments are a great way to get "final table" experience (as if you were playing a Scheduled Tournament). Except with a Sit and Go, you start out at the "final table" with a real do-or-die attitude.


How Long Does a Sit and Go Last?

A 9-player table will usually take between 30 – 60 minutes. Bodog also offers short-handed Sit and Go’s (six players) and Turbo versions where the blinds shoot up faster (these games are much quicker).

If you’re playing a Heads-Up match (just two of you), a Sit and Go game can be over in minutes. And at the other extreme, Multi-Table Sit and Go’s can take a lot longer.

Bear in mind that No Limit Texas Hold ‘em Sit and Go’s are usually faster than Limit Sit and Go’s because players can go “all-in” and really get things moving.


How Many Players are in a Sit and Go?

In the Bodog Poker Room you'll see everything from Heads-Up games (two players), and short-handed (six players) - to 9-player tables (Single Table Tournaments, or STT’s), and also the MSG’s (Multi-Table Sit and Go’s) for up to 45 players. In an STT, usually the top three finishers will place in the money, whereas beginner Sit and Go’s have more money spots.


Multi-Table Sit and Go

A Multi-Table Sit and Go (MSG) is a mini-tournament that doesn’t begin at a designated time (like scheduled tournaments), but rather when all of the seat are filled. Bodog hosts Multi-Table Sit and Go tournaments that include 18 to 45 players (two to five tables).

Blind levels increase based on time depending on the type of tournament you decide to play in. Our regular MSG’s have blinds increase at 10 minute intervals, whereas our turbo MSG’s will have blinds increase at five minute intervals. Payouts for these tournaments range depending on the size of the tournament that a player chooses to participate in. To view the payout structure for any given tournament, go to the Bodog Poker Room, and double-click on the tournament in question to open the Tournament Lobby.


Sit and Go Strategy

Stack Size: When playing in a Sit and Go tournament, keep an eye on your stack size compared to that of your opponents. As the blinds elevate, it’ll force action and short-stacked players will have to get creative with their play.

Blinds: The other important factor in a Sit and Go are the blinds. As they go up, try to keep your stack size ahead of them. Sit and Go’s have an elevated blind structure, where blinds are raised far more often. Read more in the Bodog Poker Tips.

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