Let’s face it: Going to the live casino isn’t what it used to be. Even before the coronavirus pandemic struck, more and more people were choosing to stay home and play at Bodog Casino instead. That exodus has only grown larger now that the brick-and-mortar venues are either shuttered or over-run by plexiglass dividers.

Still, it would be nice to see a friendly face when you log on. And that’s exactly what’s in store for you with real money Live Dealer betting at Bodog Casino. You get the same classic table games, but with an actual person dealing the cards. Here’s everything you need to know to play Live Dealer now at Bodog.

How Live Dealer Games Work

At this point, you might be asking yourself, “Is Live Dealer real?” It most certainly is. Thanks to the power of broadband internet, it’s possible to stream high-quality live and interactive video directly to your desktop or mobile device. The video in this case comes from a San Jose-based company called Visionary iGaming (ViG); they’ve been around since 2008 and have over 200 people working very hard to provide the best online casino experience possible, including dozens of trained dealers.

You can see which dealers are working right now by logging into Bodog Casino and tapping or clicking the Live Dealer link at the top of your display. Scroll down to see which games are running – photos of the dealers are included, along with the stakes and the open seats for each table. All you have to do is pick one, join the game, and let the Live Dealer betting commence.

Types of Live Dealer Games

There are four different types of Live Dealer games you can play at Bodog Casino: Blackjack, Roulette (both American and European), Baccarat and Super 6. The Blackjack games use the same six-deck shoe used at live casinos, shuffled at random, with the Dealer hitting on soft 17. Standard six-deck Blackjack has a tiny house edge of 0.64%, but for the best odds, try the Early Payout tables, which narrow that edge even further to 0.50%. These are especially good games if you’re new to Blackjack – they even come equipped with built-in Basic Strategy software, so you’ll never have to worry about making the wrong move.

The Early Payout option will give you even more protection. With this feature, you’re given the choice of cashing out after the hole cards are dealt; the payout you’re offered will depend in part on what card the Dealer is showing. If you choose to play on, you’ll be given another Early Payout opportunity after the next card is dealt, and every card after that.

Side Betting

This is where Live Dealer games really start to hum. Side bets are a big part of the social experience at live casinos, and now, you can place the same bets at Bodog Casino. There are two side bets available at our live Blackjack tables, starting with the very popular Pairs bet, which pays 11:1 when you’re dealt two cards of the same rank – just place your wager on the “P” circle inside your betting area on the virtual felt. You can also make the Rummy side bet (using the “R” circle), which involves your two hole cards and the Dealer’s up-card. If those three cards make a set, straight or flush, you get paid out at 9:1.

Side bets play an even bigger role once you enter the Baccarat pit. Super 6 (aka “Punto 2000”) is a baccarat variant where the Banker bet pays 1:1, unless they have score of 6, then you get half the payout. This tweak simplifies the game somewhat, since you don’t have to calculate the 5% commission paid on Banker bets in standard baccarat – not that you have to do the math yourself when you play Live Dealer at Bodog. More importantly, Super 6 gives you access to a wide range of side bets, including several different flavors of Pairs bets, and the always-popular Dragon Bonus, where you cash in handsomely anytime you get dealt a natural or win by at least four points.

Back Betting

Not everyone knows this, but at many live casinos, you don’t have to be in a hand to place a wager – you can place a “back bet” on the other players at the table. You can enable this function during our Live Dealer Blackjack games at Bodog by tapping or clicking the “Enable Back Betting” box. Once you do, the players you can bet on will be highlighted in yellow. Don’t forget, if they split or double down, you have to chip in a second back bet to match.

Tipping and Other Perks

There are many more great features waiting for you when you play Live Dealer games at Bodog Casino. For example, if you’re playing Blackjack and you time out when it’s your turn, or you lose your internet signal for some reason, don’t worry: Your hand in progress will be played automatically for you, using the basic strategy. You can also chat with the other players at your table, using the “Chat & Notifications” window. Or, if you prefer a quieter casino experience, you can turn all the sounds off at your leisure.

Here’s one more special bet you can make at the tables: the Tip bet. This gives you the opportunity to tip your friendly Dealer by placing a chip on the “T” circle. As a bonus, we’ll double the tip if you win your hand. These are indeed live dealers at your service, so if you like what they’re doing and want to give them some encouragement, feel free to tip. It’s all part of what makes our Live Dealer games even better than what you’ll find at the brick-and-mortar casinos. Give them a try today at Bodog Casino and see for yourself.