One of the things that makes poker so great is the different ways you can approach the game. If you have a made hand, a draw, or even complete air, you can choose to play a fast style with big bets, or slow it down by checking and calling. Ultimately, you’ll need to mix the two together if you want to be successful in online poker. Here are five other things you’ll find when you profile today’s successful online players:


1. They’re Smart

Pretty much every walk of life rewards the brightest people, but as a mind sport, poker is naturally geared towards those who can out-think their opponents. You don’t have to be MENSA-level to beat online poker, although it helps; as long as you’re smarter than the average bear, you can use that advantage to win consistently at poker – if you apply that intelligence correctly - See how math and probability tie in with poker.

2. They’re Dedicated

It takes a few years of study to unlock the secrets of online poker and learn to play at a professional level. Then you have to keep learning in order to stay ahead of the competition. And of course, you have to play the games to win. Maintaining a regular schedule helps develop good poker habits, and time management is even more important (and challenging) when you’re playing tournament poker. Here are Seven Habits of Successful Poker Habits.


3. They’re Ambitious

As they say, you gotta want it. Without motivation, why bother putting in all those hours? Poker players do it for a number of reasons: money, glory, prestige, and mental stimulation, to name a few. The most successful players feel these reasons very deeply and use that ambition to set lofty goals – lofty, but attainable. 


4. They’re Healthy

We’re all familiar with the “grinder” stereotype. But if you put too much stress on yourself, whatever success you have at poker will be short-lived. Today’s top players understand the value of making healthy choices with their minds and bodies. Good decisions away from the poker table lead to good decisions on the felt.


5. They’re Human

No successful online poker player is perfect at all these things all the time. Bad habits take time to break; motivation lags, and temptation is always lurking around the corner. To be a successful poker player is to understand your own humanity and that of your opponents. When you fall off the horse, and you will, dust yourself off and get back in the saddle.