Waiting is the hardest part of poker. You go to the casino to play some cards and have a good time, not to put your name on a list and wait around until you get seated. No need to worry about that at Bodog Poker. You can jump the line anytime you want – just use the new Quick Seat feature. With two clicks of a mouse (or taps of your finger), you’ll be playing poker.

This is an incredibly useful feature for everyone playing the cash tables at Bodog Poker. Tournament players are always on the clock, and Zone Poker already moves you to a brand-new table after every hand, but cash poker goes much more smoothly when you use Quick Seat. It’s even more useful at Bodog’s anonymous tables; no need to scour the lobby looking for a juicy game when you could be playing right now.


No Time to Lose

That’s the beauty of anonymous poker: You can play whatever style of poker you like, and your opponents won’t know who you are. At the same time, you won’t know who they are, so you don’t have to worry about game selection – jump right in with Quick Seat and start making money instead. The sooner the cards hit the felt, the more hands you’ll get to play in a session.

Because Quick Seat lets you play more hands per hour, it’s a good idea to tweak your poker strategy to get the most out of this feature. You’re playing incognito when you’re at Bodog Poker, so you should already be thinking more about “balanced” poker than trying to exploit the competition. Balance is even more important when you’re playing a higher volume of hands against anonymous opponents. Try to find the right ratio of bluffs and stick with it; this way, you’ll protect yourself from exposure, and you’ll also make it easier on your brain by reducing the number of decisions on your plate.

Make sure to use the Quick Seat feature the next time you’re ready for the cash tables at Bodog Poker, and don’t forget about the new, upgraded lobby for mobile devices. You can now switch between portrait and landscape views at your leisure, making it even easier for you to start playing the games you want to play. Why wait around? Try it now and let us know what you think.