Thanks to online betting, you don’t need to go all the way to Del Mar in Southern California to get in the action of Breeders’ Cup. Bodog Racebook offers several different ways to bet on the two-day horse racing event, and we’ll go over how each bet works.


Straight Wagers


The most popular straight wager is the Win bet, which is picking the winner of a race. Let’s say you want to place a Win bet on the Distaff; find the Distaff (Breeders Cup Friday, Race 9) in the list of race options, and all the horses competing in that race will appear. Each horse has three boxes: W, P, S. Click the “W” box (for Win) beside your selection.


A horse needs to finish first or second in order to Place. If you believe Arrogate will at least finish second in the Breeders’ Cup Classic, pick him to Place by tapping the “P” box. As long as he wins or finishes second, you win.


Finishing first, second or third is good enough for a Show wager. If the field has a lot of strong competitors, like the Juvenile Turf which has three favourites, you may want to bet on a horse to Show. The “S” box is for a Show wager.


Exotic Bets


The Quinella is a low risk exotic wager that involves betting on the top two finishers in a race. You don’t need to specify which horse wins and which finishes second; any order will do.


The Exacta, on the other hand, requires you to pick the winner and the second-place finisher in the correct order. The Exacta payout is bigger than the Quinella’s.


With Trifecta bets, you’re picking the winner, second-place finisher, and third-place finisher – all in the right order.


If you think you know who the winner, second, third, and fourth-place finishers will be, bet on the Superfecta. The correct order is needed for a payout.

Daily Double

Plan on watching two races back-to-back? Bet on the Daily Double by picking the winners of two consecutive races. You’ll get a bigger payout than if you place two individual wagers.

Pick 3

Take things a step further than the Daily Double with the Pick 3 bet. Pick the winners of three consecutive races to cash in on this high-paying exotic bet.


Most horse racing bets become available just before the race, but high-profile races, like the Breeders’ Cup, allow you to bet on futures far before race day. Find the race you want under “Futures & Propositions” at Bodog Racebook and pick the horse you think will win. The odds are beside each option.