Best NFL Prop Bets at Bodog

There are so many more ways to bet on football than just picking the winner of a game. Case in point: Our NFL Props section. All throughout the year, this section is buzzing with bettors taking a flier on every scenario under the sun. Who’ll be named rookie of the year? Which quarterback will throw for the most yards? Will the Cleveland Browns make the playoffs? All of the above and more is currently available to the NFL betting public through our sportsbook, so keep it in mind next time you want to liven up your bet slip with some NFL prop betting.

Of course, the number of props available at any given time depends on where we are in the season; in just a few months, your prop options will be at their peak as we approach the Super Bowl. Until then, we’ll focus on the 2020 season-specific props, which is a great way to get you started. We’ve rounded up seven props that get a lot of action in the books and deserve your attention.

Will Team X Make the Playoffs?

Until officially eliminated from playoff contention, every team in the league is included in this prop bet. It’s a simple “Yes” or “No” proposition, with each option having unique odds that dictate the outcome’s probability. Additionally, the NFL props odds show how much money you’d make if you guessed right. Let’s say the Philadelphia Eagles are +150 to make the playoffs and —200 to miss out. These are American odds, which means you’d have to put down $200 to win $100 on the “No” (the more likely outcome), whereas you’d win $150 on a $100 bet for the “Yes” (the less likely outcome). Bets can vary in size, and the payout scales up and down to match the amount staked.

2020-21 Regular Season MVP

Bet on the player you think will earn the top regular season award according to the Associated Press. At this time, Russell Wilson is leading the way with —120 odds to win his first-ever MVP award. The 2018 winner, Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes, is second on the board at +450, with Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers trailing at +600.

Player with the Most Rushing Yards

Tennessee Titans stud RB Derrick Henry appears poised to make it back-to-back seasons as the NFL’s top rusher, as he currently leads the league with 588 yards heading into Week 7. Scoop him up at —125 while you can because his odds will tighten as he puts additional yards between himself and the second-place candidate: Minnesota Vikings RB Dalvin Cook. Available at +700 odds, Cook has a total of 489 yards at press time.

Player with the Most Receiving Yards

The receiving yards prop has an extensive list that goes from Arizona WR DeAndre Hopkins all the way down to Philadelphia TE Zach Ertz. Last year’s top receiver, Michael Thomas, is far down the list at +8000, having missed three games due to injury and a fourth due to a team-invoked suspension. He should be back on the field for Game 7, but he’s got a lot of ground to make up, having missed out on significant time and yards. Meanwhile, Hopkins has emerged as the league’s leading receiver, with a total of 601 yards and an average of 12.8 yards per reception.

Player with the Most Passing Yards

There’s been a changing of the guard among QBs with the most passing yards. New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees has been the leader seven times since he first accomplished the feat in 2006 and he holds the all-time career record at 78,747, but he’s 20th in the league at press time with 1,331 total yards. Heading into Week 7, the leader is Dak Prescott, who has been ruled out for the rest of the season with an ankle injury. That opens up the doors for the rest of the competition, with the following four candidates all within the +500 odds umbrella: Seattle QB Russell Wilson +375, Atlanta QB Matt Ryan (+400), KC QB Patrick Mahomes (+450) and Houston QB Deshaun Watson (+500).

AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

Every year, a new batch of rookies join the NFL; most start only in training camps, but some go straight to the starting roster. Last year, the Cardinals’ first draft pick, Kyler Murray, started right away and helped improve Arizona, who struggled to a 3-13 record the year before, to a 5-10 record, winning the 2019 AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award in the process.

This year’s batch of youngsters is led by Los Angeles Chargers QB Justin Herbert on the odds board (—125). Herbert was given the starting nod when Tyrod Taylor experienced a medical accident that left him unable to play. Although it was supposed to be a temporary starting gig for the rookie, he’s performed well and coach Anthony Lynn decided to go with him at Taylor’s expense.

AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year

The AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year focuses on the league’s unsung heroes. Last year, CB Stephon Gilmore scooped up the accolade after playing a big role in New England’s No. 1 ranked defense. Gilmore is available this year too, but with +3500 odds,he is not a frontrunner to repeat. In his place, we have Los Angeles Rams DT Aaron Donald at +300 and Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett at +350. Donald leads the league in sacks (7.5), with four of them coming against the Washington Football Team in Week 5. Garrett is just a half sack behind Donald with seven, but he does eclipse him with one extra forced fumble (3).

All of these props will continue to evolve as the season marches on, so keep checking in to see what’s new and exciting on the NFL Props odds board at Bodog Sportsbook.