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At Bodog Casino, we have the best online casino specialty games selection. Try to play Bingo for real money, or grab a simple scratch card for a quick thrill.

Play Online Specialty Games for Real Money

Lotto-style games, scratch cards and more are tucked away in the Specialty Games section of this Canadian online casino. These tried and true casino games give players a taste of something unique in a format that most of us are already familiar with. For instance, we have brand new ways to play online Bingo for real money; this game has been entertaining North Americans since it was first introduced in the early 20th century. Our new versions have fun themes and are packed with bonus features that award payouts for things beyond landing the standard Bingo line.

It’s not just Bingo that has people returning to our real money specialty games for a break from the grind. Keno is also one of the best online casino specialty games out there and has been a fan favourite since making its way over via Chinese immigrants. This game continues to draw new players every day. Virtual scratch cards are here to stay, as they’re far more convenient than going to a store to purchase them or cash them out.

Just like the rest of our online casino games, all of our specialty games can be played for real money payouts. Whatever you win via a scratch card, bingo session, or Keno draw is yours to keep, and can be withdrawn from your account using our simple withdraw methods.

If this is your first foray into specialty games, this guide is here to get you acquainted with all of your gaming options. You’ll know how to play Keno, Bingo and Casino Sudoku, while picking up helpful tips along the way. You’ll also know how the jackpots are calculated and how to make sure you’re eligible to win them. After all, if you’re going to play specialty games for money, you want to make sure you’re eligible for the biggest real money payouts possible.

Popular Online Specialty Games

According to the popularity polls, the best online specialty games are Bingo and Keno. These games require very little upfront learning and can pay massive sums of money. For instance, three of our Bingo games have progressive jackpots included that often reach tens of thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, our newest version of Keno can pay up to $250,000. These amounts are nothing to scoff at.

How to Win Online Casino Specialty Games

Since online specialty games don’t involve skill, winning them requires a bit of luck. Most people have lucky numbers that they use in Keno, or look for on Bingo cards. With our themed Bingo, you can swap your Bingo cards for different ones free of charge at the start of the round.

You can improve your odds of getting lucky by putting yourself in the path of progressive jackpots, which are available with three of our Bingo games. There are certain eligibility requirements that you should be aware of when it comes to these progressive jackpots. You’ll need to play with four Bingo cards per round, at a cost of $1 per card. Always read the game instructions before playing to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success.

How are the Jackpots Calculated?

When looking at progressive jackpots, you may wonder why the amounts are incredibly specific ($44,988.15 for example). These progressive jackpots may look random at first glance, but the reason they’re never round numbers is because they’re funded by a percentage of all the bets placed on the game. Every time you buy a Bingo card in a game with a progressive jackpot, a portion of the money you’re spending goes towards the pot, which continues to build until someone triggers it. At that point, the jackpot restarts its quest to collect funds.

How to Play Keno

When you launch a round of Keno, you’ll be shown a table with numbers 1 to 80. You can pick 1 to 15 numbers from that table, and then start the draw. Twenty numbers will be drawn from the 80-number pool randomly, and if your numbers are drawn, they’re considered “Hits.” You need a certain number of hits in order to win the payouts listed in the pop-up pay table.

How to Play Online Bingo for Real Money

A real money Bingo session always begins with the cards. For all of our Bingo games except for Go-Go Bingo, you choose how many Bingo cards you want to play and how much you want to spend on each card. The traditional Bingo games also let you choose how many balls you want drawn, which impacts the odds and payout ratio (high odds always mean low payouts and vice versa). The Bingo games that let you choose the number of balls drawn include 80-Ball Bingo, 30-Ball Bingo, European Bingo and American Bingo.

Once you’re ready to go, a certain number of numbered-balls are drawn, and when you have matching ones on your cards, they’re automatically crossed off. The goal is to get all of the numbers needed to complete the patterns listed on the game pay table.

Bingo Bonus Features

Out of our 11 Bingo games, six are part of a South American Bingo theme that contains never-before-seen bonus features. These include Amazonia Bingo, Cataratas Bingo, Bingo Goal, Bingo Ribeirinhos, Pesca Bingo and Tribo Bingo. We’ll explain how these features work, so you can decide if they’re enticing enough to give these unique Bingo games a trial run.

Extra Balls Feature: Any time a round ends with you being one-number short of Bingo, you can buy extra balls to hopefully score that much-needed number and walk away a winner. Up to 12 or 13 extra balls can be purchased, and the cost of the ball depends on how likely it is to trigger a payout.

Bonus Round: All of our South American-themed Bingo games include a bonus round that’s triggered by landing the pattern listed as BONUS on the pay table. These rounds ask you to complete a task in exchange for bonus money. For example, Bingo Goal has a Penalty Kick Bonus where you shoot a penalty kick at an opposing goaltender in front of a roaring crowd. There are six targets to choose from, and each contains a unique payout.

Progressive Jackpots: Amazonia Bingo, Bingo Goal, and Bingo Ribeirinhos have progressive jackpots that pay out when you land Bingo within the first 30 numbers drawn. To be eligible, play with four cards that cost at least $1 each for a total cost of $4 per round.

How to Play Sudoku

Most people are pleased to know that our casino version of Sudoku doesn’t involve the same level of concentration as the Japanese numbers game. This Sudoku plays more like a slot game, with numbers 1 to 9 spinning on a 3X3 grid. To win standard payouts (1 to 2,000X your bet), you need to land at least three matching numbers anywhere on the grid. To win the jackpots, you must land numbers 1 to 9 with no repeats; landing them in a mixed order on the grid nets you 500X your bet, whereas landing them in consecutive order nets you 50,000X your bet. Be sure to bet 5 coins per round in order to be eligible for the game’s jackpots.

Other Online Specialty Games

Our scratch cards are great for killing brief periods of boredom. Choose between eight themes for a virtual card that can be scratched by dragging your cursor back and forth on the designated area. For a faster method, use the “Reveal” button, which instantly reveals the hidden icons. If you land three or more matching icons, you get paid. See below for your scratch card selections and a bit about each one.

Penguin Payday: Win 80X your bet when you land three “80X” multipliers on the Penguin-filled scratch card.

Beach Bums: Kick it on a beach with a couple of beach bums, and you could win up to 50X your stake.

Cast for Cash: Fishing just got much more lucrative with Cast for Cash. This card pays 1X, 2X, 5X, 10X, 20X, and 50X your stake depending on what you reel in.

Cavalier Cash: A noble knight and his trusty steed await your instructions in Cavalier Cash. Uncover wins by scratching the targeted area, and you could reveal jewels, goblets, crowns and more.

Tiki Treasure: This Polynesian-themed scratch card uses six multipliers as icons; try to get at least three matches to win a payout.

Gunslinger’s Gold: Shoot ‘em up and collect the cash in this cowboy-themed scratch card that pays up to 50X your bet.

Itchin’ 2 Win: Help a neighbour scratch an itch, and you could be rewarded with up to 50X your bet.

Pirate’s Pillage: Help these pirates pillage a village for big potential payouts that range from 1X to 50X.

The short bursts of excitement that specialty games are known for provide a nice respite from any sort of monotony. When you’re looking to kill time, don’t automatically return to your go-to casino game; check out our vast selection of specialty games from your smartphone or computer. These games are quick, easy, and can lead to wild payouts. Don’t underestimate their worth.

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