Progressive Knockout Series

Bodog's Progressive Knockout Series

With over $4.5M in guaranteed prizes, Bodog’s Progressive Knockout Series promises the most intense competition on the felt. Bring you’re A-game because the more players you eliminate and the longer you play, the more you’ll win. The series runs from June 1st to June 30th.




How does the PKO work? It’s very simple. Just like a standard Knockout Tournament, each player has a cash bounty on their head that goes to the player that eliminates them. The key difference is that in the PKO series, when you eliminate a player, you will win their displayed bounty amount and your own progressive bounty will increase by the same amount.

This means that, while in a regular Knockout Tournament your bounty stays static, in a Progressive Knockout Tournament the value of the bounty constantly rises to give you the opportunity to win more and more money.

Ready to start eliminating your opponents? 



Check out the Poker Lobby for the full schedule of the Progressive Knockout Series, and we’ll see you on the felt.


Terms and Conditions:

Tournament tickets cannot be used in any other tournament or exchanged for cash.

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