12 Days of Turbos

12 Days of Turbos


If fast money is what you’re after, then fast money is what you’ll get with Bodog’s famous 12 Days of Turbos. This year we’re putting up OVER $2.3 million in guaranteed cash prizes from December 1st until December 15th.

Qualifiers for the turbo-style series will be in effect December 1st, with 61 numbered events running all the way throughout the series, giving you plenty of chances to qualify for a pay day leading up to the holidays.

This year, all eyes will be on the Main Event, going down on Sunday, December 13th. There’ll be $121,212 in guaranteed cash prizes on the line for that event and you can qualify for a piece of the action for as little as $12 + $1.20. If you want a more direct path into the big dance, you can buy-in for $250+$20.



Be quick – qualify or buy in today to Bodog’s 12 Days of Turbos poker series for your chance to experience the 12 hottest days on the poker calendar.


Terms & Conditions:

Tournament tickets cannot be used in any other tournament or exchanged for cash.