Tournament Tickets Info

Bodog Poker Tournament Tickets FAQ

Where can I view tournament tickets that have been awarded to me?
Tournament tickets awarded through qualifying events or promotions can be tracked through the Bodog Poker Software by clicking on "Account" and then "Tournament Tickets".



How do I use my tournament ticket to buy-in to a tournament?
To see where you can redeem your tournament ticket, select "Scheduled Tournaments". You should see a ticket icon next to tournaments that will accept tournament tickets. To redeem your ticket, open the tournament lobby and select "Register".



You will then be prompted with a message informing you that you will be registering using your tournament ticket. Click on "Register" again to acknowledge this message and you are in.



Once you are successfully registered, you will be prompted with another window confirming your registration.



How long do tournament tickets last? Do they expire? What if I win a tournament ticket through a last chance qualifier?
Yes, tournament tickets do expire. Tickets awarded through qualifiers (Last Chance, Cheap Seats, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals) expire three months after the issue date. Tickets awarded to specific promotional tournaments will expire once that promotional tournament has started (unless indicated otherwise).


What is a "Last Chance Qualifier"?
Last Chance Qualifiers are qualifying tournaments that award seats to our major tournaments (such as our $100K Guaranteed or our $10K Guaranteed).


What if I win more than one tournament ticket to an event?
As tournament tickets won through qualifying events expire 90 days after being issued (promotional events excluded), you can redeem your tournament ticket at your discretion.


For example, if you win two Tournament Tickets to a $100K Guaranteed, you can use them any time you like. Note: that the tournament ticket with the earliest expiration date will automatically be used first.


I have a tournament ticket for a specific tournament. Do I have to use it? Can I register for that tournament and not use my ticket?
If you have been issued a tournament ticket for a specific tournament, you will be required to redeem the ticket first before using eCash or Bodog Poker Points.


Can I convert tournament tickets to Cash?
No. Tournament tickets cannot be converted to cash.


Can I give another player one of my tournament tickets?
No. Tournament tickets are non-transferable.


Can I buy-in to tournaments with a combination of tournament tickets and Cash?
No. You can use your tournament ticket OR a combination of points and Cash, depending on the tournament and as specified. Tournament tickets cannot be combined with eCash or Poker Points.


Can I unregister from a tournament that I’ve entered with a tournament ticket and then get the ticket back?
Yes. To unregister from a tournament, click on "Unregister" in the tournament lobby.



You will be prompted with a message notifying you that you have unregistered from the tournament in question.  Please note: that players may unregister from a tournament up to 10 minutes before the start of an event.