Football/Basketball Betting Rules

Games don't have to go full regulation play for wagers to have action. Games are official for wagering purposes according to the following:

  • Professional and college football games after 55 minutes of play.
  • Professional basketball games after 43 minutes of play.
  • College basketball games after 35 minutes of play.
  • The first half of football and basketball games must be completed entirely for first half (1H) wagers to have action.

2. All wagers placed on the full game and the second half (2H) include overtime.

3. Wagers placed on the 4th quarter (4Q) do not include overtime.


European/International Basketball                   

1. Matches are displayed in the American Format: ‘Away’ @ 'Home'.

2. Bets will be settled according to the official result as declared by the European basketball governing body at the end of the game, including any period(s) of overtime played.

3. Overtime counts for all markets except those that are quarter specific. All other in-play markets include overtime.

4. If a match is not played on the scheduled date, all bets will be void.


Football Props

1. The proposition “Will either team score 3 unanswered times in the game?” refers to a team scoring 3 consecutive times during the game, without the other team scoring in between. This only includes Touchdown, Field Goal or Safety. Any extra point after a touchdown or 2 point conversions are not included.