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Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Boxing Odds Preview

*Update: Fight has changed dates from September 12 to November 28, 2020.


When Mike Tyson began getting in "boxing shape" most experts believed he was scratching a small itch during quarantine.

But now, at 54 years old, Iron Mike wants to get back in the ring. And watching the former heavyweight champion of the world put in work with his trainer gave sports fans and bettors a strong indication that he could make his much-coveted comeback.

Enter 51-year-old great Roy Jones Jr. Jones Jr.'s was at one time pound-for-pound the best boxer in the world and a great opponent for Tyson.

The combination should make for an exhibition match that will garner plenty of interest on boxing odds.


Mike Tyson Preview (50 wins, 6 Losses, 44 KOs): -180 Odds to Win

Mike Tyson hasn't fought for 15 years, so there's no recent data for oddsmakers to analyze before this bout. Still, Tyson enters as the heavier of the two and is a -170 favorite to beat Roy Jones Jr.

His last fight was a loss to Kevin McBride as a -800, retiring in the sixth and retiring from the sport altogether. Before that was a bout with Danny Williams, where Tyson was KO'd in the 4th despite being a -1400 favorite.

2003 was Tyson's last win, where he was a -900 favorite and had a vintage first-round KO versus Clifford Etienne.


Roy Jones Jr. Preview (66 Wins, 9 Losses, 47 KOs): +125 Odds to Win

Roy Jones Jr.'s career ended a bit better than Tyson. He finished on a four-fight win streak, pulling in WBU and WBF titles. However, it's obvious these fighters weren't at his level, and he was well past his prime.

In is prime, Jones Jr. was knocking out opponents with his hands behind his back - see Glen Kelly in 2002. But he's proven later in his career that his chin can't hold up to big hits, four of his last eight losses were via KO.

With Jones Jr. being a light heavyweight most of his career, Tyson will have the advantage in this bout if there are no weight classes.


Jake Paul (-180) vs. Nate Robinson (+140) Odds Preview

Jake Paul has proven his interest in boxing with his previous fight against KSI, but Nate Robinson isn't a Youtuber, he's a former NBA professional.

That may give Paul more issues than his previous bout, as 5'9 Robinson has elite athleticism. In Robinson's 11-year NBA career, he was known for flying over taller defenders and dunking on them. Robinson has said he's serious about boxing and therefore oddsmakers have given him a respectable +140 versus Paul at -180.

Get all your boxing odds for the November 28, 2020 bout at Bodog!

*Odds as of August 6th, 2020.

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How to Bet on Boxing

Knowing how to bet on a boxing match boils down to two things: Knowing about boxing, and knowing about betting. The first part is important, of course, but not as important as the second. In case you’re relatively new to the Sweet Science, here are the different ways you can bet on boxing at Bodog Sportsbook:

Boxing Moneyline Odds

The moneyline is the standard way to bet on individual sports, and still common for low-scoring team sports like soccer, hockey and baseball. Bodog uses the American odds format to express these lines. Here’s an example from the recent August 31 lightweight title fight between Luke Campbell and the No. 1 pound-for-pound boxer in the world, Vasyl Lomachenko:

  • Luke Campbell +850
  • Vasyl Lomachenko +1800

Lomachenko was the champion and the heavy favourite in this match; you can tell who the favourite is by the negative sign next to their odds (if both are negative, the larger number represents the larger favourite). In this case, a $1,800 bet on Lomachenko to win would have paid out $100, while a $100 bet on the underdog Campbell (with the positive sign next to his odds) would have paid out $850. Smaller and larger multiples are allowed for your wagers; all bets on a fighter to win are returned in the event of a draw or a no contest.

Boxing Total Odds

In many team sports, you can bet on whether the combined final score will go Over or Under the posted total. Boxing has totals, too, but in this sport, you’re betting on whether the fight will last Over or Under a given number of rounds. These totals go up in half-round increments, with each half-round lasting 90 seconds. Here’s the total for our example bout:

  • Luke Campbell O 9.5 (+100)
  • Vasyl Lomachenko U 9.5 (-140)

The line for the Over is always listed at the top. The total here is 9.5 rounds; if this fight had reached the 91st second of Round 10, the OVER would have paid out according to the number inside the parentheses, which shows the vigorish (aka juice) in American odds – even money in this case. If the fight had been stopped before the 90th second of Round 10, the Under would have paid $100 for every $140 wagered. Lomachenko won by unanimous decision after 12 rounds, so the Over bettors got paid.

Boxing Method of Victory Odds

Proposition bets (aka “prop bets”) allow you to bet on other things besides the actual outcome of a match. An example is the Method of Victory prop—one of the most popular boxing props there is. For the standard Method of Victory prop, your three choices are decision, KO/TKO/DQ, or draw. Other options, like unanimous decision, may be included in expanded versions.

Boxing Fight Length Odds

The bigger the fight, the more props you’ll find on the board – including Fight Length, which asks you exactly how many rounds the fight will last. Odds are given for one round, two rounds, and so on; sometimes, you’ll be asked whether a specific fighter will win during a specific round, like Lomachenko winning in the ninth.

Boxing Parlay Odds

Parlays allow you to combine multiple bets and get paid exponentially more if all of your picks come in. But with the added reward comes added risk: If even one of your picks fail, your entire parlay loses. Common parlays in boxing include the moneyline and total from a single match, or the moneylines from several matches on the same card.

Boxing Betting Tips

While there are many ways to bet on boxing, all these lines have something in common: They can go up or down between the time they’re posted and bell time. If a lot of money comes in on one fighter, their odds will usually get shorter, encouraging bettors to put more money on their opponent. For example, Lomachenko opened at –1600 for his fight against Campbell, then was bet up to –1800, while Campbell saw his odds lengthen from +800 to +850 in response. You can sometimes get a better price on your chosen fighter by anticipating these line moves and picking the right time to bet.

There’s always more to learn if you want to figure out how to bet on boxing. For more information, consult the FAQ and Help guides at Bodog Sportsbook, and keep coming back for fresh odds and analysis on all the major fights.

Odds as of October 10th, 2019

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