There’s nothing like the start of a new year to shake up a routine and try new things. If you’ve been reaching for the same game time and time again, take this opportunity to test a game you haven’t played before. We have three recommendations for new games to try out in 2018, and they’re all available in Practice Play mode and Real Play mode – the latter is ideal for those who like to play in online casinos for money.


Perfect Pairs

Online blackjack will always be the most popular table game, but playing only one kind of blackjack can cause gaming fatigue. Keep things fresh; try playing Perfect Pairs. It’s blackjack with a twist. The game has a side bet (called Perfect Pairs) that awards bonus payouts for landing any kind of pair in your initial two-card hand. The more exact the pair, the higher the payout.

Perfect Pair Side Bet Payouts:

Mixed Pair: 6-1 (example: 6s,6d)

Coloured Pair: 12-1 (example: 6s,6c)

Perfect Pair: 25-1 (example: (6s,6s)


Ten Times Wins

Online slots have become hugely popular in recent years and are showing no signs of slowing down. For a classic experience, spin the reels of Ten Times Wins (10X Wins). This game feels like an old school slot machine, with cherries, No. 7’s, BAR’s, and a game logo that’s wild and multiplies payouts by 10. The top payout is 5,000 coins on a 3-coin bet.


Roll the Dice

If online table games are more your thing, try our newest dice game: Roll the Dice. This game is incredibly interactive. As you bet on the seven lucky icons, they move in unexpected ways. The game consists of a three-dice roll; simply bet on icons and roll the dice. If your bets show up, you win.


Roll the Dice Payouts

Each symbol pays equal amounts, with the exception of the Any Triple icon.

Bets appearing on one dice pay 1-1

Bets appearing on two dice pay 2-1

Bets appearing on all three dice pay 3-1

Any Triple pays 30-1 when any icon shows up on all three dice.

What new games do you want to try learning in 2018? With over 200 games available at Bodog Casino, you could master a new game every week.