Progressive Jackpot Q&A

Most of the time, when you hear about really big casino wins, a progressive jackpot is involved. These jackpots are pots of money that grow with each coin played, paying out randomly, or as a reward for landing the game’s top line/hand. Naturally, people are attracted to games that have progressive jackpots, and if the jackpot is big enough, the game can reach a break-even point, which, when combined with optimal strategy, creates a positive expected return. Learn more about these highly-sought after game features, so you can incorporate them into your strategy.

What games have progressive jackpots?

Progressive jackpots are included in some slots, bingo games, and table games. For slots with progressive jackpots, go the Slots section of Bodog Casino, and click “Progressives” in the drop-down menu. Most progressive jackpots included in slot games are Random Progressive Jackpots, so they’re triggered at random with the use of a random number generator.

Bingo is a bit different. Bingo progressive jackpots are subject to betting minimums (four cards at $1 a card), and you need to get bingo within the first 30 or so balls – the exact number varies game to game and is specified in the game’s rules.  

Table games hold many opportunities to win progressive jackpots. Check out the Table Games section of Bodog Casino, and look for the “$XK Jackpot” banners advertised on the game cards. They’re on Caribbean Hold’em, Caribbean Stud Poker, Let ‘Em Ride Classic, and (the newer) Let ‘Em Ride. The progressive jackpots in table games are bonus rewards for landing top-tier hands. In Let ‘Em Ride, you get $75 from the progressive jackpot for landing a flush, $100 for landing a full house, $500 for a four of a kind, 10% of the pot for a straight flush, and the whole thing for landing the royal flush.

How are progressive jackpots linked?

Progressive jackpots are linked in one of three ways:

  1. linked to different games
  2. linked to the same game in different casinos
  3. unlinked

When checking out the jackpots in our table games, you’ll notice that multiple games have matching jackpots. These games share the same pot, which allows the jackpot to increase faster than individual pots. For example, Caribbean Hold’em and Caribbean Stud Poker both share a jackpot, and it’s at $27K as we go to press.

The second type of jackpot network happens when a game developer connects a game’s jackpot between every registered casino that offers that game.

Some progressive jackpots aren’t linked at all. Food Fight, for example, has its own progressive jackpot. It gets enough action to be able to offer big jackpots without the help of another game. It’s also one of the few slot games that uses the progressive jackpot as a reward for landing the top winning combination.

Incorporating progressive jackpots into your casino strategy gives you an edge. Make a habit of scanning the game banners to see what the biggest jackpots are, and familiarize yourself with any eligibility requirements the jackpot may have. Soon enough, you’ll be on your way to better odds of reeling in the big one.