The beauty of NFL online betting is the number of options available. There’s live in-game betting, props, parlays and a whole bunch more that give you control over how you place your bets. Today, we’ll take a look at round robins – a type of bet that allows you to place a series of parlays instantly.


What Is A Round Robin Bet?

A round robin bet involves placing multiple parlays at once. You can select anywhere from three to eight games, and then make parlays out of them, ranging from two to seven selections. Let’s say you’re betting a three-team round robin of two-game parlays with the following teams:

New York Jets -2.5
Cleveland Browns +7.5
New England Patriots -10.5

You’ll have three parlays: the Jets-Browns, the Browns-Patriots and the Patriots-Jets. 


The Risks

The risks with round robins is mostly the same as regular parlays: if you lose any of your bets, you’re going to lose the parlay. But the bigger thing to keep in mind with round robins is when you get into the high numbers. For example, if you have eight picks that are going five ways, that’s 56 bets. It might seem like you’re placing just one since it’s a round robin, but it’s actually a series of bets.


The Benefits

The good news about round robins is that you can be in better shape with these than placing a straight up parlay. Let’s say you have a four-team, two-way round robin and one of the teams loses but the other three selections win. In a regular parlay, you’d lose everything. However, in your round robin, you’ll still win the majority of those bets.

Beyond that, it’s all about convenience. Instead of creating four separate parlays, which is a bit tedious, the round robin creates them for you. In the above example, you’d have to create four individual parlays, going back and forth, clicking the same thing. This is important when speed is of the essence. If you’re trying to get a series of parlays in before a line moves, a round robin is handy.