Prop bets, short for proposition bets, are a fun way to bet on the NFL and the Super Bowl without having to pick the winner of a game. Oddsmakers get to be creative, offering unique bets that focus more on performance, stats and entertainment. Let’s take a look at five types of NFL props available at Bodog Sportsbook.


Player Props

Player props, found under the NFL Season Player Props tab, are based on individual football players and their performance. These wagers give you an opportunity to bet on your favourite NFL players. For example, oddsmakers have assigned WR Odell Beckham Jr. a total of 98.5 receptions for the season, giving you the option to decide if he’ll go over or under that number. QB Tom Brady also has performance-based player props, including a passing yards total; oddsmakers have set that number at 4,750 yards for the season.


Team Props

Team props focus on a team’s performance in a game. You can bet on a team total (how many points the team will score), or how many turnovers they’ll give up. These props can also include both teams in a game, as you’ll commonly see props like, “Which team will score first?” or “Will there be a score in the first seven minutes?” You decide how a team will perform without trying to predict the winner.


Game Props

Player and team props typically fall under game props, but some props extend beyond those two types. For example, you can often bet on whether or not you think the Super Bowl will go to overtime, and you can try to predict which half of a game will see more scoring. These types of props focus on different components within the game.


Season Props

This type of prop focuses on how a team or player performs throughout the season. The most popular season prop is the regular season win total, which lets you bet on how many wins a team will achieve. For example, you can bet on whether the Arizona Cardinals will win more or fewer than eight games this season. You can also bet on who will lead the NFL in passing yards. You’ll find these wagers and many more under the NFL Season Props tab.



Specials are unconventional betting options that pop up for big events, like the Super Bowl. These zany bets have become part of Super Bowl tradition. With entertainment in mind, oddsmakers let you bet on the result of the coin toss, and whether the National Anthem performance will be longer or shorter than a specific time. You’ll also see bets on halftime performances, Gatorade baths and the winner’s post-game speech.