NFL Betting 101: Buying Points & Teasers

Buying Points and Teasers Explained - Bodog Sportsbook

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One of the best parts of betting on football is the flexibility of point spreads. While you can’t really do much in the way of moving a betting line in baseball or hockey, you do have an opportunity to shift point spreads in your favour when you bet on football. Let’s take a closer look at how that works.


Buying Points

The strategy of buying points allows you to move the point spread in your favour. For example, if you’re betting on a 2.5-point underdog, you can buy a half-point to move the underdog’s odds to +3. That way, if the underdog loses by three points, your bet will result in a push instead of a loss.

Alternatively, if you’re betting on a favourite, you can buy a half-point to shift the favourite down from say -7.5 to -7. Once again, you’re moving the point spread in your favour to increase your chances of winning. You increase your odds of winning while decreasing the amount you win if your team comes through.



A teaser is another way to buy points, but it works a little differently. For starters, you have to place a parlay, which means choosing anywhere from two to 10 selections. And for each of your selections, the teaser allows you to move the point spread from six to 13 points. For example, let’s say you want to bet New England -3 and Green Bay -7. With a six-point teaser, you would get New England at +3 and Green Bay at -1. Both bets have to win for you to cash your ticket.

Teasers require you to win more bets in order to pay out. However, they also allow you to increase your chances of winning. Oddsmakers work hard to set a line that they believe is fair, but you can change the line in your favour by applying a teaser.


Sweetheart Teasers

A sweetheart teaser is simply a bigger version of a standard teaser. With sweethearts, you can tease games by 10 or 13 points – nearly two touchdowns – but you have to parlay more games than you would with standard teasers. With 10-point sweetheart teasers, you have to parlay at least three games. With 13-point sweetheart teasers, you have to parlay four or more.

Payouts are based on the size of the teaser (amount of points) and how many teams you’ve parlayed. Check out the teaser payout table for more details, or simply look at your bet slip after selecting a teaser.