Casino Betting with Bitcoin: Everything You Need to Know

It’s no secret—the fastest way to a fat bankroll is to take advantage of every single offer aimed to attract players to a casino. The most common ways to do this is through promotions, bonus codes and rewards programs—all of which can be viewed on our Promotions page. But have you ever considered that the type of currency used for gaming can also have an impact on how much bonus money gets added to your roll?

Credit card and bank transfer are no longer the only options for depositing money into your Bodog account. Bitcoin is here and this cryptocurrency has been challenging conventional transaction methods ever since it hit the market. With no financial institution or government controlling it, people are free to use their money without the interference of a middle man, and no middle man means lower fees and greater efficiency. Many people have been quick to jump on bitcoin, which is now being included in the portfolios of savvy investors. On top of the benefits that come from adopting this currency for daily online transactions, there are also lots of exciting bitcoin-centred promotional offers at Bodog’s Bitcoin Casino that make switching over incredibly enticing. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know to hop on the bitcoin bandwagon and reap its rewards.


What is Bitcoin?

Just over a decade ago, someone (or more likely a team of people) who went by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, created a de-centralized digital cryptocurrency aimed for peer to peer use in online transactions. Since there’s no bank involved, money is sent from person to person with very little delay and minimal fees. Sending cash to other countries is especially simple with bitcoin, as there’s no need to go to a currency exchange.

Anytime a transaction is conducted on the bitcoin network, it’s recorded on an open-source public ledger, known as the blockchain, by bitcoin miners. Each block contains codes that record information about the purchase that was made. Although names aren’t used, a digital signature similar to a username can be found on the block.

Bitcoin miners are the force that keeps the system chugging along. They’re paid small amounts of bitcoin for their service, which involves solving complex algorithms in order to complete each transaction and record it on the ledger.

If this is your first foray into cryptocurrencies, this all may sound fantastical, but bitcoin has become so popular that it’s entered the physical world. Through an exchange, it can be converted into any standard currency, including CAD, and it can be withdrawn from a digital wallet at any time. There are also Bitcoin ATMs that are essentially money dispensers hooked up with an online exchange server, which truly bridges the gap from digital to physical.


How to Get Started with Bitcoin

The first step to getting started with bitcoin is to download a digital wallet onto your computer or smartphone. There are many digital wallets available in the App store on iOS, or android. Computer users will be pleased to know that you can download a wallet through Google Play. A popular wallet option is available at, where you can tap “Get a Free Wallet” to begin the simple process of downloading your own personal digital wallet.

With your wallet downloaded, you can add some bitcoin to it. For that, you’ll need to set up an account with a Bitcoin Exchange, which is a platform that lets people trade bitcoin for different currencies. In your App store, look up ShakePay for an example of an exchange that can be downloaded for free. Setting up an account with an exchange will require some basic information about yourself.

With your exchange account set up and a digital wallet downloaded, you’re ready to start dealing in bitcoin. You can buy some through the exchange and send them to your digital wallet for daily use.


Play Online Bitcoin Casino Games

All of our casino games can be played using bitcoin to fund your bankroll, as it will be converted to CAD when deposited. That being said, there are certain games that are best suited for maximizing our bitcoin promotions. If you plan to use the Bitcoin Deposit Bonus, for example, you’ll want to keep in mind the following playthrough requirements:

Slots, Specialty Games: 100%
Table Games: 20%
Video Poker, Blackjack: 10%
Single Deck Blackjack, Double Deck Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat: 5%
Craps, Live Dealer: 0%

The quickest way to play through the bitcoin promotion is with slots and specialty games, as 100% of your play contributes to playthrough. All games do help contribute to some extent, with the exception of Craps and live dealer games, so you’re not handcuffed to anything.


How to Play Texas Hold’em

If you’re brand new to poker, the sheer number of different games you can play at Bodog can seem overwhelming at first. Not a problem; here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find in our poker lobby, and some strategies you can use to get the most out of your poker experience.


Bitcoin Casino Bonuses and Promotions

First-time bitcoin depositors have the potential to rake in up to $1,200 in bonus cash for use anywhere on our site except with poker. We have one bonus code available specifically for the sportsbook (BOSBITCOIN100) and one for the casino (BOCBITCOIN150); both are match bonuses.

The sports bonus code is a 100% match bonus for up to $300 to use in the sportsbook or even in the racebook if you’d prefer to bet on the horses. This bonus comes with a 5X rollover requirement.

The casino bonus is a bit beefier—it’s a 150% match bonus for up to $900 in bonus money to be used in our casino. This comes with a 25X rollover requirement before any of it (along with winnings associated with it) can be withdrawn. For more information on these bitcoin casino bonuses, see our Bitcoin Deposit Bonus page.


How to Use Bitcoin Bonuses to Improve your Bankroll

The fastest way for anyone to boost their bankroll is by taking advantage of our bitcoin deposit bonuses. When using bitcoin, the sports bonus grants you up to $100 more than if you were to deposit with a non-bitcoin currency. The bitcoin casino bonus also offers more than the standard welcome bonus, which is a 100% match bonus for up to $600 in funds. Every extra bit goes a long way to building your roll, especially when it’s on the house.


Benefits of Using Bitcoin to Play Casino Games

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks to playing in an online casino is the wait time for withdrawing money. When you hit a major jackpot, you just want to throw the bills in the air and make it rain—we get that. Waiting 10 to 15 business days for a cheque to be delivered via courier isn’t ideal.

When you bet with bitcoin, online casinos can offer incredible turn around times; the approximate wait time for receiving your withdrawal is 15 minutes, which is a big improvement over traditional withdrawal options. There’s also a lower withdrawal minimum, and no cap on the limit. You can finally win and head out to celebrate that very night thanks to bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a very useful tool to have in your gaming arsenal. It accelerates withdrawals, increases the size of bonuses, and decreases the fees that banks tack onto traditional deposit methods. Some players have expressed concern about the volatility of bitcoin increasing or decreasing while sitting in one’s bankroll, but because we convert it to CAD, there are no price changes once deposited. For any bitcoin help, check out our Bitcoin FAQ page, or call up our Customer Service team; they’re available 24/7.