Play Online Blackjack at Bodog

Online Blackjack Game Variations  

If you thought there was just one way to play Blackjack games online, think again. At Bodog Casino, there are nine different Blackjack games to play, and each version has its own following. 

With our Double and Single Deck games, you get to play with one or two decks for a slight variation from the traditional six-deck game. For the best betting options, try Perfect Pairs, which offers a unique side bet that pays far more than the standard Blackjack payouts. And if you want a major change, Zappit Blackjack, or even Live Dealer Blackjack may be the games you’re looking for to win real money online. 

In this simple Blackjack guide, we’ll explain the different game variations and the Blackjack rules.

Zappit Blackjack

In 2009, Geoff Hall, the inventor of Zappit Blackjack, came up with a solution for the dreaded 15, 16, and 17-point hands in Blackjack: Zap ‘em. When playing Zappit Blackjack at Bodog Casino, you can discard those unwanted hands and start fresh with two new cards. Sounds like a Blackjack dream come true, doesn’t it?

The rules are mostly the same. Blackjack pays 3:2, Insurance pays 2:1, Dealer hits soft 17, and you can double any two cards, and split up to three hands. The game manages the increased player edge with the Dealer 22 push rule. When the Dealer busts with 22, instead of the Dealer losing, the round’s deemed a push, so you retrieve your bet instead of winning a payout. This will happen about 7% of the time, which evens out the playing field, creating a house edge of approximately 1.15% at Bodog.

There are a couple more nuances to the game. You can’t zap after splitting. Getting Blackjack after zapping pays 1:1 instead of 3:2, and the Dealer checks for Blackjack before you can zap. The game is played with six decks, which are shuffled after each round.

Zappit Blackjack Strategy

Basic Zappit Blackjack strategy for Bodog says to zap all hard 15s, 16s, and 17s, with the exception of one hand: 8,8. This hand is more complex and requires extra attention.

When you have two Eights for a score of 16, you should split against a Dealer Six and Seven upcard instead of zapping. This will give you a decent shot of winning real money. With everything else, you’re better off zapping. Keep in mind, this strategy is specific to playing at Bodog; in brick and mortar casinos, you can also zap 18-point hands, which are pretty good hands to begin with, so zapping them isn’t always the best move.

After the zapping stage, you can consult free Blackjack strategy charts found online for guidance on how to play any hand. They’ll direct you on when to hit, stand, double down and split. The most important take away is using the “Zap It” option – you’ll need this to battle the Dealer 22 push rule. The option of zapping is a huge benefit, and will quickly become your best friend at the online Blackjack table, especially if you want to win real money and big bonuses.

Online Single Deck Blackjack

There was a time when Single Deck Blackjack was one of the busiest tables at the casino. After the computer geniuses figured out the basic strategy in 1956, and Edward O. Thorp published Beat the Dealer in 1963, people from all walks of life came to the casino, lured by the promise of an incredibly low 0.17% Blackjack house edge. Eventually, the casinos fought back, adding more decks to the shoe and bringing in continuous shuffling machines. You can still play Single Deck Blackjack live, but there are far fewer tables than before, and the ones that remain often have unfriendly rules for players, like paying out Blackjacks at 6-to-5 instead of 3-to-2.

You won’t find any of that nonsense when you play Single Deck Blackjack at Bodog Online Casino. The Blackjack rules for this game are so player-friendly, it’s one of the best deals you’ll find at any online casino, and it allows you to play Blackjack in its purest and simplest form and get the best bonuses of any casinos. Here’s a look at how to play Single Deck Blackjack games online at Bodog.

Single Deck Blackjack Rules

Like most Blackjack variants, the object of Single Deck Blackjack games is to beat the Dealer. The hand that gets closer to 21 points without going over wins. At Bodog, the single deck is shuffled after every hand, the Dealer hits on soft 17, and Blackjacks (not including a split) are paid out at 3-to-2. You may double down after a split, and you may re-split up to three hands unless you have Aces, in which case you may only split once and receive a single card – no re-splitting allowed if that card is another Ace. Also, there is no surrender option in Single Deck Blackjack games.

With these rules, if you play an optimal Single Deck Blackjack strategy, the house edge is a tiny 0.01%. That’s if you’re playing the Classic version; the newer streamlined layout for Single Deck Blackjack lets you split up to two hands instead of three, for a house edge of 0.037% – still incredibly reasonable. Try both online versions of Single Deck Blackjack using the Practice Play mode and see which one is best for you.

Double Deck Blackjack

Par down the decks in a shoe to two, and you have Double Deck Blackjack. This is the best option for people looking to get good value for their Blackjack money, as it has unique rules that sets it apart from standard six-deck Blackjack. 

For one, the Dealer has different rules for soft 17 hands—every time he lands an Ace and a 10-value card, he will stand, which results in a slightly higher return to player than standard Blackjack games where the Dealer hits soft 17 hands.  

The other rules to Double Deck Blackjack mitigate the player edge that comes from the Dealer hitting soft 17. For example, you get to split up to two hands per round instead of three, which is the rule for The New Blackjack. The number of hands that you can play per round is also reduced to one instead of three, and the betting maximum is a low $250 instead of $2,500. There is also no Surrender option included in Double Deck Blackjack. 

European Blackjack 

Blackjack is played a little differently across the pond. European rules dictate that the Dealer does not receive his hole card until the Player has completed his moves, so to start the round, you’re dealt two cards, while the Dealer is dealt just one. After you finish, the Dealer gets his second card and either hits or stands.

For most hands, this slight rule variation doesn’t make a difference. Where it does make a difference is with Aces, where the “peaking” rule is affected. With standard six-deck Blackjack, the Dealer peaks for Blackjack when he receives an Ace upcard; if he has a 10 in the hole for a natural, you don’t even get a chance to make a move—other than to buy insurance, which you can also do with European Blackjack. In theory, you could lose more money this way, but only if you chose to double or split. 

In addition to the delayed hole card, European Blackjack has limits for doubling. You’re allowed to double only with hard totals of 9 to 11, which are the only scores you want to double with anyway. But with soft totals, you lose the opportunity to double soft scores of 13 to 18.

Even with the limits placed on doubling, our version of European Blackjack comes in with a slightly lower house edge than our standard Blackjack, making it the best choice for savvy Blackjack players to win lots of real bonuses.

Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs is just like our standard six-deck Blackjack, but there’s one twist: you get to bet on a side bet that pays when you land a pair right off the bat. The other rules are all identical to playing our standard online Blackjack: six decks are in the shoe, the Dealer hits on soft 17, and you can double any two cards. 

The payouts for the side bet make all the difference in this game. In addition to the payouts you receive for beating the Dealer and winning a hand, you’re awarded one of three payouts when you’re dealt a pair in your initial two-card hand. A 6:1 payout is awarded for a mixed pair (Ac,Ah), a 12:1 payout is awarded for a coloured pair (Ac,As), and a 25:1 payout is awarded for a perfect pair (Ac,Ac). Keep in mind, you must bet on the Perfect Pairs betting circle at the start of the round in order to be eligible. The side bet minimum and maximum at Bodog Casino is $1 to $500.

Blackjack Strategy Variations

Beginner players are best advised to play with Blackjack strategy guides, but there’s no single strategy guide for all versions of Blackjack. Basic strategy depends on the number of decks in the shoe and the Dealer’s reaction to soft 17. For example, a score of 9 versus a Dealer Two is played differently depending on the number of decks in the shoe. With just one or two decks, you should double the hand, but with four or more decks, you should hit instead. Always be sure to use a strategy chart that suits the rules of the Blackjack game you’re playing to ensure optimal play and win lots of real bonuses.

Live Dealer Blackjack

For a completely new way to play Blackjack online, consider joining a Live Dealer Blackjack game at our casino. The action takes place in a studio and features your choice of several live online Blackjack Dealers. Everything is streamed in real time to your screen, where you’ll see all of the buttons needed to place the standard Blackjack bets—along with some additional options that are exclusive to the Live Dealer version of Blackjack.

Back Betting is one of the features that are exclusive to the Live Dealer game. If you’re not familiar with the term, “back betting” is a wager on a player who’s seated at the Blackjack table. When the player puts down the initial bet, you match it, and if he wins the hand, you win too. Consequently, you also lose when they player you back-bet loses. Keep in mind, you’ll be expected to put in a second bet when the player you’re backing splits and doubles. 

Another feature exclusive to our Live Dealer version of Blackjack is the Early Payout option. This feature allows you to muck your cards in exchange for an unknown payout. The payout size depends on the probability of your hand beating the Dealer and is based on the Dealer’s upcard. If you have low odds of winning, you’ll get a low payout, and if you have high odds of winning, you’ll get a high payout. 

All of these Blackjack games and more can be found at Bodog Casino—the best place to play Blackjack games online.