Best Online Casino Slots Payouts

What’s your top motivation for playing slots at an online casino: entertainment or payouts? If you answered payouts, then this online slots guide was designed for you. After a lot of testing, we came up with seven of our most popular slots that all have stellar payouts in common, and we set out to see how they stack up in terms of money paid. As you probably realized when you learned how to play online slots, these games vary enormously with the number of free spins offered, the size of multipliers, value of bonus rounds, type of jackpots, and even the standard payouts right off the paytable, so it’s a bit trickier than comparing different video poker games, which all have the same set of rules.

When it comes to figuring out which slots have the best payouts, we need to consider the value on the paytable in addition to the types of bonus features offered. After all, some slots may have killer bonus rounds, while others may save their payout power for the reels. For each of our picks, we’ll highlight the features that contribute to the slot game offering great payouts. But before we start our rundown of our top seven picks, we’re going to briefly explain how slot games pay out in the first place.


Online Slot Games Payouts

Even the most basic slot game awards standard payouts for landing matching icons on a payline; it’s the premise of the entire game. You’ll find all of the information needed on slot games’ payouts on the game’s paytable, which is visible during normal play for most 3-reel slots, and tucked away in the game menu for most 5-reel slots. When you look at the paytable, each game icon has a list with the number of matches needed to trigger each payout, with more matches generating more cash. Here’s what one might look like:

5: 1000
4: 100
3: 50

In our example, the BAR symbol has three payouts: 1000 for landing five, 100 for landing four, and 50 for landing three. It’s important to note that for most slots, the payouts are listed in coins (not dollars), and they’re based on betting one coin her line. If you bet more than one coin per line, the payout will be multiplied by the number of coins wagered. For example, if you wagered five coins and landed four BAR symbols, the payout would increase to 500.

Standard payouts are easy to compare, so we’ll include them in our game profiles. But where slots get tricky is with their bonus rounds. The max number of coins that they yield isn’t always stated on the paytable, making them an unknown variable. When the information is accessible, however, we’ve made sure to include it with the profile of the following seven games.


Best Casino Slots Payouts

The following seven slots are renowned for their payout potential.


A Night with Cleo

A Night With Cleo’s greatest asset is its random progressive jackpot. The game is so popular that the jackpot grows faster than any of our other slots. On top of that, it’s a random progressive jackpot meaning it can be triggered at the end of virtually any spin; there are no minimum betting requirements included.

Random Progressive Jackpot:
Free Spins: 15 with 3X multiplier (can be re-triggered)
Special Wild Payout: 10,000X bet per line
Biggest Standard Win: 500X bet per line
Other: Gamble Feature gives players the chance to double their payout up to five times in a 50/50 game with Cleo.


Gold Rush Gus

The best part about Gold Rush Gus is the sheer number of bonus features all aimed at boosting your bankroll. The Treasure Chest scatter has a progressive jackpot in addition to special gem icons that contribute to your own personal jackpot metre, as well as a bonus game and an instant cash win. On top of that, there are free spins with multipliers, wilds, and a re-spin feature that gives a losing spin a second chance to win.

Progressive Jackpot:
Free Spins: 5, 10, or 15 with a 2X, 3X or 4X multiplier
Biggest Standard Win: 500 Coins
Other: Lava Reels Re-Spin can be triggered on a losing spin.


Food Fight

This game typically has a monster progressive jackpot on the line for players lucky enough to land five Pudding icons on a payline. You must wager 45 coins per spin (five per payline) in order to be eligible for the jackpot. Beyond the jackpot, the game’s value is in its standard wins; the top icons pay thousands of coins instead of the hundreds that you see in a lot of the newer slot games.

Progressive Jackpot:
Biggest Standard Win: 3,500 Coins
Other: Ice Cream Scatter Bonus pays up to 405 credits, and Food Fight Bonus pays up to 3,960 credits.


One Million Reels BC

A 3-reel, 5-line slot, One Million Reels BC is an affordable way to try to play for a progressive jackpot. Just three coins per line are needed to be eligible, and with only five paylines that’s $3.75 per spin with $0.25- coins.

Progressive Jackpot:
Biggest Standard Win: 900 coins


Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree always seems to have the juiciest progressive jackpot in our casino—oftentimes surpassing the million-dollar mark. Make sure you’re betting the max number of coins in order to be eligible for it should the Diamond Rings fall your way.

Progressive Jackpot:
Biggest Standard Win (5-coin Bet): 600 Coins
Scatter Bonus: pays up to 4,000 credits
Other: Jackpot gives option between real shopping spree in New York City, or the cash straight up.


Multiplier Man

There are two bonus rounds included in Multiplier Man, and it’s the Quick Change Bonus Round that attracted our attention. This skill-based game asks you to play a game of Hi-Lo against a Dealer with a deck of cards. There are three levels that you can progress through, with each level increasing the size of the multiplier prize, which caps out at 150X your bet.

Free Spins: 5, 10 or 20 free spins
Scatter Cash Bonus: 150X total bet
Wild Payout: 750
Biggest Standard Win: 200
Double X-Ray Bonus round pays up to 12X total bet. Quick Change Bonus round pays up to 150X your bet.


Robin Hood & His Merry Wins

Just like with Multiplier Man, Robin Hood & His Merry Wins includes two different bonus rounds triggered by landing three scatters. The better of the two is the Marian’s Prize Bonus Round, which includes five levels that you can progress through in your quest to reunite Robin Hood with Maid Marian.

Free Spins: 5, 10 or 20 free spins
Scatter Cash Bonus: 150X total bet
Wild Payout: 750
Biggest Standard Win: 200
Bonus round pays up to 12X total bet.

Winning online slot games is all about picking the best games for their value and ensuring you’re eligible for major jackpots should luck swing your way. The games highlighted in this article are a great starting point, but there are plenty more games that can fetch top dollar. Compare paytables and jackpots to see which ones deserve to be on your list of must-spin slots at Bodog Casino.

*Values are accurate at press time and subject to change.