Denver Broncos (12/1): The Broncos will be looking to rebound from an embarrassing one-and-done in last year’s playoffs, while Peyton Manning will look to rebound from an awful last few weeks of the season. With slightly lower odds than they’ve usually had in the Manning-era, this could be the year the Broncos surpass expectations.


Kansas City Chiefs (33/1): Perpetually in the Broncos’ shadow, the Chiefs made a blockbuster move and traded for superstar wide receiver Jeremy Maclin to shore up their wideout corps. With All-Pro running back Jamaal Charles already in the fold and a killer young defense that’s only getting better, KC could be a nice sleeper pick to win their division and make noise in the playoffs.


San Diego Chargers (50/1): Forever a vision of mediocrity, the Chargers again enter the season as a middle-of-the-road team. Their defense isn’t good, but isn’t terrible, and their offense can score but can’t keep up with the offensive powerhouses. Rookie running back Melvin Gordon could make a difference and Antonio Gates and Philip Rivers are still chugging along but this is an average team with very little upside.


Oakland Raiders (66/1): The Raiders have been slowly collecting talent over the past few years and this could be the season they surprise. While a playoff berth isn’t likely, don’t be shocked if the Raiders show glimpses of potential and finish the season with a decent record. With their current odds, the Raiders could be a smart bet in the futures market.


*Odds as of June 10, 2015