Indianapolis Colts (8/1): After getting blown out in the AFC Championship game, the Colts loaded up for the first time in the Andrew Luck-era by bringing in the likes of Frank Gore and Andre Johnson. Their upgrades have elevated the Colts to being the odds-on favourites to win the AFC and having the third best odds of winning the Super Bowl. Nonetheless, while they’ll be hard to beat in any shootout, the defense will have to step up for the Colts to live up to their odds.


Houston Texans (50/1): With JJ Watt, a healthy Jadaveon Clowney and new arrival Vince Wilfork, the defense will be destructive but the offense could be a disaster, relying on career-backups Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett at quarterback. The Texans should be competitive but will struggle to make the playoffs.


Jacksonville Jaguars (200/1): Another year of rebuilding awaits the Jags as their slow crawl towards respectability continues. Sophomore quarterback Blake Bortles should be better and the defense is above average but overall the Jags will likely finish well below .500. They’re tied with Titans for having the league’s lowest odds of winning the Super Bowl.


Tennessee Titans (200/1): Despite the presence of No.2 overall pick Marcus Mariota, not much is expected out of the Titans. After an awful 2014 where they held blind ambitions of a playoff spot, the rebuild is on so it’s no surprise that they’re tied with their division mates from Jacksonville for the league’s lowest Super Bowl odds.


*Odds as of June 10, 2015